11 of the Best Black Hoodies to Print and Embroider

11 of the Best Black Hoodies to Print and Embroider
11th February 2022 5th Team

Blank apparel, like most clothing, is influenced by fashion and changing trends. In this latest piece, we share 11 of the best hoodies to print and embroider. There are a few old favourites here and some sparkling new styles. These are ethically sourced, high quality hoodies. And, whilst looking great plain and undecorated, they are actually specifically made for printing and embroidery.

Hooded garments have been around since Medieval Europe but the first hooded sweatshirt appeared in the 1930s. The subsequent steady yet relentless rise in popularity eventually sees the utilitarian hoodie become a hip hop and high fashion favourite. After that, it’s a short step for hoodies to go from streetwear essential, with somewhat questionable connotations, to mainstream standard.

These days, hoodies are everywhere and that’s something which makes them ideal for Screen Printing and Embroidery. So, let’s go, 11 of the best hoodies to print and embroider in 2022.

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1. Stanley Stella Cruiser Hoodie

It was on the first list and stays for this latest update. The Stanley Stella Cruiser hoodie has become a unisex classic for print and embroidery. We’ve shown the basic Cruiser here which is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester and comes in 49 (yes, 49) colours! But there now are several superb variations on this core style. You have to check out the stunningly creative Space Dye, Tie Dye and all over print versions. Vintage and Denim are subtler variants and also great. All in all, it’s a must-have inclusion for any compilation of best hoodies.

2. Continental Clothing Cor51P Hoody

Part of Continental’s COR range, the Continental Clothing Cor51P hoodie is another essential item in our best hoodies for print and personalisation. Again, as with the Cruiser, it’s an ethical option made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled post-consumer polyester. And similarly, the unisex styling offers the greatest flexibility for customisation. Lots of other boxes are ticked. For example, the weight is a very respectable 320g, and the selection of colours covers the key requirements as well as including some lovely on-trend fashion shades.

3. Earth Positive EP61P Hoody

These days, as demonstrated by the first two items, we think high quality and sustainable methods of production normally go hand in hand. To further illustrate the point, our third garment is the Earth Positive EP61P hoodie. It’s available in a solid range of colours and sizes and is a classic heavy unisex raglan style. Manufactured entirely from certified organic cotton, this pullover hoodie is tried and tested when it comes to the blank clothing industry. As such, the EP61P is a choice that will carry any company logo or brand artwork with confidence.

4. As Colour 5101 Supply Hood

Another hoodie, the second so far, that was there in 2019 and stays for 2022 is the AS Colour 5101 Supply hood. This unisex hooded sweatshirt is a versatile regular fit and mid-weight at 290g. A new colour has been added, bringing the number available up to 11. It’s crafted from an 80% cotton, 20% polyester anti pill fleece blend and features raglan sleeves and the enduringly popular kangaroo pocket at the front. As with a lot of AS Colour blank merchandise, this high quality hoodie is pre-shrunk to reduce the possibility of future shrinkage.

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11 of the Best Hoodies to Print and Embroider - B&C Organic Hoodie.

5. B&C Organic Hoodie

Let’s stay with stylish and environmentally conscious options, the BA001 B&C organic hoodie is an on-trend hooded sweatshirt which is very much angled at the retail fashion market. These hoodies are made from pre-shrunk ringspun combed OCS organic cotton and RCS recycled polyester. And they’re offered in a fabulous selection of shades. In addition, the suitability for customisation is kept high in the mix with pockets designed into the side seams of the garment. This maximises the area for decoration on the front surface.

6. Anthem Zip Hoodies

We mustn’t forget zip hoodies. Actually, there are enough full-zip hoodies on the market to justify an article dedicated to them. We’ll have a think. For now, let’s get back to the broader picture of the best hoodies in general terms. We’ve chosen the women’s Anthem AM004 hoodie, although there is also a men’s version. Both are eco-friendly fashion, high quality, and created to customise. They’re made from an organic cotton and recycled polyester mixture. Plus, they come in a selection of colour and size good enough to meet most demands.

7. Stanley Stella Slammer Heavy Hoodie

Is heavyweight high on your agenda? And by the way, when we say heavyweight we mean seriously heavy. The Stanley Stella Slammer Heavy tips the scales at an impressive 500 G/M² and is constructed from 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton. A relaxed fit with plenty of quality touches, it was introduced in Stanley Stella’s 2021 autumn winter collection alongside several other super heavy styles. The latter are something which we really like. Extra heavy hoodies and t-shirts are far from common and it’s good to have more options.

8. Neutral O63401 Hidden Zip Hoodie

Our piece on the best hoodies to print and embroider for 2022 wouldn’t be complete without something from the good folk over at Neutral® Certified Responsibility™. Their hidden zip hoodie O63401 comes with the usual Neutral assurance of quality allied to responsible sourcing. This is a supplier that specialises in sustainability with, as in this instance, organic Fairtrade cotton featuring in many of their products. It’s worth noting that the labels on Neutral garments, whilst being selling points in themselves, cannot be removed.

11 of the Best Hoodies to Print and Embroider - Russell High Collar Hooded Sweat.

9. Russell High Collar Hooded Sweat

Russell are an iconic brand when it comes to the supply of blank apparel. Alongside that experience and know-how, they are also making great strides in responsible, sustainable methods of production. The Russell J209M pure organic high collar hooded sweat is a an excellent example of the type of products they’re offering. These hoodies put the focus on quality, organic materials and suitability for print. Beyond that, the J209M has a very attractive and contemporary feel with its high collar and chunky draw cords.

11 of the Best Hoodies to Print and Embroider - Ecologie Okavango Regen Zoodie.

10. Ecologie Okavango Regen Zoodie

Ecologie by AWD is another brand that is waving the flag for eco-friendly clothing. Their garments boast a host of accreditations for environmental sustainability and low carbon impact. The Ecologie Okavango regen zoodie is crafted from 70% regenerated cotton and 30% polyester. There are limited colours in these zip hoodies, but the contrast trim gives them a different sort of appeal. By the way, are you wondering about that interesting style name? To explain, the Okavango is a river that flows from Angola to Botswana.

11. Stanley Stella Mini Cruiser Hoodie

Let’s not leave out the kids, our list of the best hoodies to print and embroider in 2022 needs at least one junior style. After all, hoodies for children represent a big chunk in the market. Stanley Stella offer two kids hoodies, but we’ve chosen the Mini Cruiser because the range of colours is fantastic and we think pullover hoodies tend to be more popular for youngsters. Stanley Stella describe it as their iconic kids’ hoodie sweatshirt and we wouldn’t disagree. It’s made from a fabric washed, lightly sueded organic cotton and recycled polyester material.

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