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Nowadays, logo printing on clothes is everywhere you look. The reason is equally easy to see. Logos sell, both products and services. The best company logos become prestigious badges of value and principle. In effect, they’re indispensable. As such, fundamental to branding merchandise and businesses. Whether it’s embroidered polo shirts for work, personalised hoodies for resale, or custom t shirts for charity and fundraising. And, how we add your logo is just as varied as where it might be needed. For example, screen printing is popular for t shirt logo printing. Alternatively, embroidery is thought to bring a premium feel to business emblems and company crests. One thing is for sure, choose Fifth Column for your company logo printing and you get professional print quality, fair prices, and proper customer service. Logo printing on clothes? Yes, we can definitely sprinkle some stardust on your bespoke branded apparel.

Garments Bring Your Logo to Life:

A t-shirt icon showing that screen printing is the best option for printing t-shirts.


A polo shirt icon showing that embroidery is one of the best options for personalising polos.

Polo Shirts

A simple hoodie icon showing that screen printing is the best option for printing hoodies and hooded tops.


A sweater icon showing that embroidery is one of the best options for customising sweatshirts.


A workwear icon showing that screen printing is the best for printing work clothes and uniforms.


A sportswear icon showing that screen printing is one of the best options for printing sports apparel.


Fifth Column aprons icon for printing and embroidery.


A cap icon showing that embroidery is one of the best options for customising caps, hats and headwear.


Why print your company logo?

Why bother with personalised t shirts, printed hoodies and polo shirts? Well, we’ve alluded to some reasons. However, let’s look in a little more depth. Long gone are the days when you printed a few business cards and it was job done on the advertising front. In the current economic climate, getting your name out there is a vital yet never ending task. Truth is, you have to take every available opportunity for promotion. And, your logo is visual gold in that regard. Adding it to clothing, anything associated with your company, is a chance too good to miss. Folk see that shirt printing, remember it, and tell their friends when asked for a recommendation.

Also, let’s not forget there are a huge variety of printing logo on clothes possibilities. We’ve shown some above. But, it’s really down to what works for you. You may have an idea for hoodies logo printing that seems ideal for your company. Whereas, others may opt for embroidered hoodies. Both are right. Basically, you design your own hoodies and we turn that design into reality. Ditto, with a logo for t shirt printing or any other form of personalised clothing.

How Logo Printing works.

The printing logo on clothes process is very similar to all other forms of custom decoration. Everything starts with you getting in touch. By the way, don’t worry if you’re unsure about details. We’ve been asked every imaginable question when it comes to logo printing on clothes. Plus, we have access to a huge range of apparel which is specifically designed for print and embroidery. Everything from sustainable stars like Stanley Stella to old favourites such as Fruit of the Loom. The graphic? Well, creating a logo for t shirt printing is something which most graphic artists will be happy to undertake.


  • Printing your logo on clothes turns necessary apparel into a promotional item.
  • Your company is perceived as professional and worthy of trust.
  • Logo printing on clothes is cost effective advertising. Especially with bulk wholesale t-shirt printing discounts.


  • Logo print and embroidery represents extra effort for smaller companies.
  • If you don’t already have it, commissioning the artwork for t shirt logo printing involves additional expense.
  • Some customers instinctively distrust ‘corporate’ branding.

Logo, an abbreviation of logotype, comes from Ancient Greek. To explain, it means a graphic mark or symbol used to publicly promote identity and recognition. So, hardly a new idea. But, one that still works. And, one we get here at Fifth Column. Logo printed t-shirts are just one of our printing services. We have low minimum order quantities and a commitment to quality which is unrivalled.

Our services

Garment finishing for custom printed and embroidered clothing and merchandise.


You can’t screen print perfectly on every garment, and that’s when embroidery comes into its element. It’s a stunning way to showcase your logo on jackets, hats, bags and workwear – it’s particularly durable and looks and feels premium.

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High Quality Direct to Film Printing (DFT Printing Services) from Fifth Column, London Printers.

Direct to Film Printing

Your small order solution, our high quality DTF printing service uses transfer film to create your design on t-shirts and clothing. There’s no minimum which means it’s an excellent option when you only need limited numbers.

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High quality, professional garment embroidery.

Garment Finishing

After the printing is done, it’s time for the finishing touches to get your garments retail ready: custom labelling, hem tagging, poly bagging and applying stickers all help you put your mark on the product and make it look professional.

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