Our Ethics

At Fifth Column, our principles are woven into the fabric of our business. As the environment has become increasingly impacted by human behaviour and society as a whole has evolved, we have striven to adapt and embrace innovation.

We believe that choosing sustainable garments is not only the right ethical choice but astute business, too – the quality of fabric is higher than industry standard items and prints look better on them, too.

We invite our clients to visit us by appointment in our facility in North London to see first hand how we operate in safe and clean conditions, and always with respect for our employees and our planet.

Employment at Fifth Column printers, an ethical employer and a certified payer of the Real Living Wage in London.


We value members of the Fifth Column team as individuals and deeply respect their employment rights. We have been paying the London Living Wage since 2013 and keep all our staff members on permanent contracts; we provide paid holidays and sick leave over the legal requirement; and we have a flexible attitude to working hours with the personal responsibilities of our employees in mind. We also work with suppliers who pay their workers a decent wage and treat them fairly.


We care about environmental issues and sustainable development and act accordingly. Our production is paperless, we recycle and minimize waste (our direct-to-screen machine eliminates the use of films) and we dispose of any remaining materials through accredited companies. We promote the use of 100% organic cotton, which is natural and GMO-free, uses less water than standard cotton and does not include the use of chemicals in production. All our inks are vegan and 100% phthalate free, we use recycled and/or fairtrade goods whenever possible and we have dryers certified by The Carbon Trust.

Fifth Column printers care about environmental issues and support sustainable development in printing.
Fifth Column specialise in sourcing garments from GOTS-certified, Fairtrade and Fair Wear audited producers.


We specialise in sourcing garments from a wide range of GOTS-certified, Fairtrade and Fair Wear audited producers. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label certifies that every stage of production – from farm to factory – is non-GMO and free of chemicals and banned toxic substances. GOTS ensures that labour standards throughout production are compliant with the International Labour Organisation, and the Fair Wear Code also verifies that workers in garment factories are fairly treated. We work with suppliers who are PETA certified and produce 100% vegan apparel.


We believe that another way to support a more just and healthy environment is to be proactive with local activities and campaigns. We participate in events, sponsor projects, and supply free goods to a number of different institutions and charities. Our reach includes providing free t-shirts to Critical Mass London’s annual cycling event, Vevolution’s annual festival, The Engine Room’s annual event and Craft Beer Cares (to name just a few). We also make monthly donations to Oxfam and Amnesty International.

A wall-mounted montage of t-shirt printing designs at Fifth Column printers.

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