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Need a bulk t shirt printing service you can trust? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fifth Column, we love creating high quality printed merchandise, clothes that are unique to your company. Wholesale t shirt printing is the most cost effective way of producing custom printed clothing. Of course, we approach every print run with the same expertise and passion, but bulk t shirt printing orders hold a distinct appeal, the chance to excel on a grand scale and develop long-term relationships. Put plainly, the idea of a of bulk t shirt order fills us with joy.

Our commercial printing machines create thousands of branded garments each day, up to 72,000 t-shirts a week. Whatever amount you need, our London print shop can handle it. And whether it’s bulk wholesale printing or something more modest, you can expect exceptional customer service, best quality, and complete professionalism. So if you want bulk t shirt printing, UK based and to the highest specification, get in touch and we’ll get it done. And don’t forget, one of our specialities is bulk printing sustainably sourced and GOTS certified products .

There are lots of garment options:

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A simple hoodie icon showing that screen printing is the best option for printing hoodies and hooded tops.


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What is Bulk T-Shirt Printing?

What exactly do we mean by bulk wholesale t-shirt printing? In essence, it’s as it sounds, producing large amounts of customised apparel. To explain further, let’s consider the best method of producing wholesale printed t shirts. For instance, our embroidery services are great for displaying premium logos and decorating items unsuitable for print. Another example, direct printing, is a winner for limited amounts of garments printed full colour with tons of detail and complex artwork.

However, the general consensus amongst UK printers is that the best bulk t shirt printing method is screen printing. When people talk about cheap bulk t-shirt printing, it generally equates to big numbers and automatic presses. That is to say, a task which sits on the senior screen printers desk. We’re often asked, how many t-shirts come in a bulk order? From our perspective, order 500 shirts or more and you’re into bulk territory.

How much does Bulk Printing Cost?

As with many commercial activities, printing in quantity offers economies of scale. Firstly, there is only one set up charge, whether you’re printing 100 cotton shirts or 10,000. Clearly, that cost is proportionately reduced with bigger quantities. Plus, although our prices are always competitive, we offer volume discounts with price breaks at 100/250/500/1000 and so on for bulk t shirt printing orders.

Naturally, there are variables. To illustrate, the number of colours in your design will play a part in overall price. Another factor is the cost of the blank garment. Good news with the latter, we have agreements with numerous unbranded clothing suppliers. That means cheap wholesale t-shirts, everything from fruit of the loom cotton to high tech performance fabrics. Which, in turn, brings down the final cost.

The advantages of bulk printing t-shirts

The most obvious benefit of printing bulk t-shirts is lower costs. Wholesale t-shirts represent the best value you’ll find when purchasing customised clothes. And that translates to an improved profit margin if you’re reselling and less outlay if procuring staff uniform. Needless to say, there are other advantages to printing in large amounts. Opting for wholesale also means you have reliable stock levels on your shelves and consistency to your branded merchandise.

Equally important, there’s the time saving you make not fretting over re-orders and stock issues. All in all, choosing wholesale t shirt printing, UK printers with a proven track record, has plenty of attractive aspects. Whether it be for big events, retail sales, charitable organisations, schools, wholesale workwear, or printing t-shirts for bands, teams and sporting pursuits.

Our services

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You can’t screen print perfectly on every garment, and that’s when embroidery comes into its element. It’s a stunning way to showcase your logo on jackets, hats, bags and workwear – it’s particularly durable and looks and feels premium.

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High Quality Direct to Film Printing (DFT Printing Services) from Fifth Column, London Printers.

Direct to Film Printing

Your small order solution, our high quality DTF printing service uses transfer film to create your design on t-shirts and clothing. There’s no minimum which means it’s an excellent option when you only need limited numbers.

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High quality, professional garment embroidery.

Garment Finishing

After the printing is done, it’s time for the finishing touches to get your garments retail ready: custom labelling, hem tagging, poly bagging and applying stickers all help you put your mark on the product and make it look professional.

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