Recycled Clothing

Recycled Clothing

Recycled clothing and reclaimed materials are increasingly significant in sustainable fashion. The use of recycled fabrics in clothing and accessories has grown in recent times and shows every sign of continuing to do so. Fifth Column are one of the UK’s leading screen printing and clothing customisation companies and we work with some fantastic suppliers. Innovative and inventive folk who champion the production of merchandise that meets high ethical standards and observes stringent quality controls. They believe how a garment is made and what it is made from are equally important as the message printed or embroidered on it.

We share that belief and are proud to be associated with them. Wherever possible, we prefer to print organic and recycled goods and strive to minimise the impact our work has on the environment. A great place to start with that is to ensure the t-shirt or tote bag we are printing consists of ethically acceptable materials and has been manufactured in a responsible manner. To view some excellent examples of ethical fashion and eco friendly merchandise, take a look at the products available from Fairshare, Earthpositive and Stanley Stella. They really get the concept of recycling and manufacturing with recycled textiles.

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Recycled Fabrics | Ethical Printing

Why choose recycled? For us, there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to ethical printing, custom clothing and promotional merchandise. We endorse paperless operating methods, use the most ethical inks available and have a mind-set which supports a healthy environment. The nature of the print and embroidery business means that there is another big element if you want to trade in an ethical way. The products themselves, the clothes and merchandise we decorate.

How we work is central to our values, and so are the products we print. Recycled might have once meant previously owned or handed on. Something that was a bit shabby and had a slightly second rate flavour. Nowadays it has a different interpretation. It’s all about recovering and using existing materials which might otherwise have been wasted. Creating beautiful, desirable brand new items which are equal if not better than their traditionally produced counterparts.

Recycled | Ready to Print

We believe part and fully recycled clothing is only going to get bigger in fashion retail. More and more high street stores and online retailers will showcase high quality, sustainable ranges and the idea of recycling fabrics will figure in customer choice. Recycled clothing is already causing a stir in our industry. Blank products constructed from recycled materials and specifically designed for printing and embroidery have arrived. Recycled gear is on the radar.

And it’s not all about being virtuous and making the right decisions. This stuff looks and feels great, as well.

If you want some inspiration, check out Salvage. An outstanding selection of t-shirts, hoodies, sweats and bags with recyclable sustainability at their heart. They take recycled organic cotton fibres, the cuttings that would have been discarded as waste, and recycled plastic bottles, and blend the two into new textiles. The resulting clothes are not only stylishly cut and durable, they are certified under the Global Recycled and Organic Blended Content Standards. Other suppliers like Stanley & Stella are treading a similar path. The products are internationally certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

Our services

Garment finishing for custom printed and embroidered clothing and merchandise.


You can’t screen print perfectly on every garment, and that’s when embroidery comes into its element. It’s a stunning way to showcase your logo on jackets, hats, bags and workwear – it’s particularly durable and looks and feels premium.

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Direct to garment (DTG) printing t-shirts and tops the uk.

Direct-to-Garment Printing

For this method, the artwork is printed straight onto the garment using a specialized inkjet printer. As it’s a digital process, the result is a higher resolution image and sharper print. It’s a growing part of our business at Fifth Column.

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High quality, professional garment embroidery.

Garment Finishing

After the printing is done, it’s time for the finishing touches to get your garments retail ready: custom labelling, hem tagging, poly bagging and applying stickers all help you put your mark on the product and make it look professional.

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