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Choose Fifth Column for your charity t shirts or charity sweatshirts and the job is in safe hands. We know that a custom tee is a great way to raise money and spread the word for a good cause. And we understand how much you care about that cause. Of course, charity t shirts printing requirements vary greatly. Maybe, your endeavour is all about fundraising. In themselves, fundraising t shirts span a vast spectrum. Charity appeals, environmental and social awareness, and specific single issues. Or, providing financial support for community programmes and institutions like hospitals and schools. Alternatively, perhaps your charity printing is concerned with promotional uniform for volunteers. Then again, maybe you need custom printed tops for a sponsored cycle, run or event. Whatever the focus, you can count on us for high quality charity t shirts, UK printed and perfectly suited to your needs.

Wear Your Message with Charity Printing.

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Why use custom charity clothing.

You’ll notice, more often than not, we refer to charity t shirts. That’s mainly because tees are the most commonly used garments for charitable purposes. However, there are plenty more possibilities other than a printed t shirt when it comes to increasing awareness or a fundraising campaign. For instance, in the right circumstances, a printed vest or tank top can be just as effective as a fundraiser t shirt. Similarly, charity sweatshirts and hoodies can be a superb surface for your message. Or, how about something supremely practical like a tote bag? Put simply, you’re not limited to a cotton t shirt even though it remains first choice for many folk. And, irrespective of the item carrying your message, the reason why people opt for this approach is the same. That’s to say, charity merchandise is powerful on two levels. Firstly, the initial sale generates much needed revenue. Secondly, and perhaps even better, it continues to publicise your cause when worn by the buyer.

How to design your charity tshirt.

The artwork for your charity t shirts printing campaign is a really important aspect of the project. Clearly, commercial shirt design is an art in itself. However, all the recognised principles still apply to fundraising t shirts. Our ‘haircuts 4 homeless’ tee (featured above) is an excellent example of the fundraiser t shirt concept. Specifically, the clever but uncomplicated nature of the graphic. In essence, this design is three words and a careful smattering of straight lines. Yet, the impact is undeniable. The subject plain to see and objective clearly communicated. In short, simple is best.

Okay, let’s say we’ve got a great graphic. Next, we settle on a printing technique. There are several options. But, one method really stands out for charity orders. Screen printing charity tees is far and away the most common choice because it offers the possibility of bulk printing discounts. And, such economies of scale can be a real boon for non-profit organisations when budgets are tight. For small print runs, custom Direct to Film (DTF) printing can be an excellent option.

Why Choose Fifth Column for your charity printing.

As mentioned, we have a long history of producing charity t shirts for the UK sector. Not to mention, an active involvement with local charitable activities here in London, and a commitment to wider worthy causes. This combination means our tshirt printing services are second to none when you want to raise funds and awareness. Beyond that, we have low minimum order quantities, competitive pricing, and proper customer service. In other words, Fifth Column will make good things happen with your charity t shirts printing project.

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Garment finishing for custom printed and embroidered clothing and merchandise.


You can’t screen print perfectly on every garment, and that’s when embroidery comes into its element. It’s a stunning way to showcase your logo on jackets, hats, bags and workwear – it’s particularly durable and looks and feels premium.

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High Quality Direct to Film Printing (DFT Printing Services) from Fifth Column, London Printers.

Direct to Film Printing

Your small order solution, our high quality DTF printing service uses transfer film to create your design on t-shirts and clothing. There’s no minimum which means it’s an excellent option when you only need limited numbers.

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High quality, professional garment embroidery.

Garment Finishing

After the printing is done, it’s time for the finishing touches to get your garments retail ready: custom labelling, hem tagging, poly bagging and applying stickers all help you put your mark on the product and make it look professional.

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