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We are proud to be an award winning Stanley Stella dealer, a truly ethical garment producer that champions fair trade and sustainable development in the textile industry. Stanley Stella offer a comprehensive range of on trend t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for men, women and children and all of their garments combine excellent quality with contemporary styling. They use environmentally friendly fabrics and ethically sound production methods. And, of course, they are very comfortable to wear.

In short, its gear that’s made to last, looks great and feels good. What’s more, Stanley Stella clothing is perfect for screen printing and embroidery. Designed to perform when it comes to personalisation, delivering reliable results for clients who require customised apparel. The extra smooth surface is ideal for printing and the tight knit ensures embroidery stays flat and even. Plus, popular items like tees come in a fantastic selection of shades, meaning it’s much easier to find the best colour match for your organisation or event.

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Stanley Stella choose their materials with the utmost care. They utilise cloths which are almost exclusively organic and recycled. These include 100% organic cotton, natural linen, biodegradable Tencel® made from eucalyptus, and Modal® made from beech. When they do use polyester, it’s the recycled variety, in line with the ethos of circularity where we strive to get the most value from our resources and then recover them at the end of each life cycle.

You don’t need to take our word for it, Stanley Stella clothing is certified to extremely exacting standards. Fair to the folk who produce it, fair to the planet and future generations. That’s got be right, surely? Soft cotton that feels good against the skin and an ethical approach which sits comfortably with your conscience. The ultimate assurance is that the strictest certifications and labels in the market recognise and certify Stanley/Stella.

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