11 of the Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing

11 of the Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing
15th March 2021 5th Team

T-shirts may not be the first thing that you think of when someone says workwear, but they’ve become a standard bit of kit for many working environments. Picking out 11 of the best workwear t-shirts for printing isn’t easy for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that there are both a massive number of blank tees and a multitude of workplaces in which they may be worn.

The importance of choosing the right attire for your profession should never be downplayed or underestimated. Practicality is a primary consideration. However great the company logo looks, the garment has to be fit for purpose and suit your particular activity. Quality is also a factor. Your workwear tee is worn day in, day out and needs to be up to the job. Plus, that old saying about only getting one chance to make a first impression is especially relevant when it comes to the work place. Customers make a judgement, even if subconscious, about your business by what they see. Below, we’ve chosen 11 of the best t-shirts for workwear printing, some specifically designed for working situations and others that are all-rounders and will happily fit into them. Numbered for reference rather than ranking.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Pro RTX Hi Vis t-shirt

1. Pro RTX-High Visibility T Shirt

Hi-visibility is synonymous with workwear, although it’s most often associated with outerwear such as jackets and bodywarmers. This Pro RTX High Visibility t-shirt (code RX720) is a great example of a hi-viz tee. Made from lightweight and breathable birdseye polyester, the addition of reflective tape is cleverly though out. And it finishes short of the side seams to make the shirt more comfortable. All in all, this Pro RTX t-shirt strikes a delightful balance between functionality and style.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Russell J010M Workwear T-Shirt

2. Russell Heavy Duty Workwear T-Shirt

Created especially for the blank workwear market, the Russell heavy duty workwear t-shirt (code 010M) is designed to go the distance. A premium quality tee that features double layered shoulder panels and reinforced twin needle stitching at armholes for added durability. And comfort isn’t forgotten, the material is enzyme washed, ring spun cotton that gives a softer feel and it weighs in at a respectable 180gsm. Tough and comfortable are the manufacturer watchwords.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Snikcers Allroundwork t-shirt

3. Snickers-AllroundWork T-Shirt

Described as a ready for work classic, the Snickers AllroundWork t shirt (code 2518) is another shirt which is made with hard work in mind. A contemporary contrast collar is a stylish touch to a shirt which is all about getting the job done. It’s 100% combed cotton, 160 g/m² and comes in five colours. The back of the neck seam is reinforced for added life and Lycra in the ribbing helps maintain shape during constant washing. One that’s built to face the rigours of the working day.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Premier Coolchecker T-Shirt

4. Premier Chef’s Coolchecker® T-Shirt

With the Chef’s Coolchecker t-shirt (code PR649), Premier have created a more casual alternative to the standard chef’s jacket. The Premier Chef’s Coolchecker tee is similar to some sports gear in that it’s designed to draw sweat away from the body and is fast drying. Available in two colours, black and white, it features a mesh back panel for extra airflow, underarm side vents, and a handy pen pocket on the left sleeve. We could see this shirt proving popular beyond the chefs kitchen.

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Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Kustom Kit Womens Corporate T-Shirt

5. Kustom Kit Women’s Corporate Top

Alright, this is arguably more of a top than t-shirt, but it works with screen printing or embroidery and is going to be at home in any commercial setting. The women’s Kustom Kit Corporate top (code KK770) looks the business even before it’s been customised. It’s made from heavy weight cotton jersey and has elastane in the fabric for enhanced fit. Simultaneously smart and feminine with a hint of the formal, we can feel the boardroom beckoning with this one!

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Premier Long John T-Shirt

6. Premier-Long John Roll Sleeve

Simple and versatile, the Premier Long John roll-sleeve t-shirt (PR218) gives a distinctly fashionable flavour to workwear and comes in male and female versions. White and navy stripes are a striking colour combination, but it’s also available in several other plain shades. Sleeves feature a button and tab fastener on the upper arm and, along with the three button placket at the neck, make the garment feel very adaptable. Fabric is soft to the touch with an element of stretch.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - ASColour Organic LS t-shirt

7. AS Colour Organic Long Sleeve Tee

Any list of the best workwear t-shirts for printing should include an organic cotton option. This AS Colour organic long sleeve t-shirt (code 5029G) is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved and, whilst it’s not marketed as workwear, it’s the sort of quality which is going to deliver a very decent performance in most circumstances. Mid weight and regular fitting, it features a slight drop at the back. Like all AS Colour t-shirts, it’s pre shrunk for minimised shrinkage.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Yoko Hi Vis Super Light t-shirt

8. Yoko Hi-Vis Top Cool V-Neck

Our second fluorescent entry, the Yoko hi-vis Top Cool super light V-neck t-shirt (code HVJ910) is manufactured from a newly designed super light mesh fabric and mesh reflective tapes. As the name suggests, this shirt is both easy to see and easy to wear with its focus on breathable qualities for enhanced coolness and comfort. The garment is a regular fitting and true to size to avoid ordering complications. Described by the supplier as decoration friendly and quick dry.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Pro RTX Pro T- Shirt

9. Pro RTX Pro T-Shirt

Boasting a huge range of sizes and a wide selection of colours, the Pro RTX Pro t-shirt (code RX151) has to be on your list of workwear possibles. Especially if you’re looking for shirts custom made for both customisation and tough workplaces. RTX RX151 Pro t-shirts are a fifty-fifty polyester cotton mix and feature a fully taped back neck and shoulder, plus twin-needle stitching for added robustness. Comfortable, hard-wearing and ready for rebranding with your company profile.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Stanley Stella Sparker T Shirt

10. Stanley Stella Sparker

Organic gets another mention with the Stanley Stella Sparker t-shirt (code STTM559). Whilst not being promoted as workwear, the Stanley Sparker is a heavy weight t-shirt that will deliver satisfied customers in a lot of different markets. You don’t get ranked as one of the most sustainable brands in the world without your products being ethical and also suitable for a wide variety of uses. There are some really interesting colours and a solid selection of sizes available.

Best Workwear T-Shirts for Printing - Gildan Hammer t-shirt

11. Gildan Hammer™ Pocket T-Shirt

Heavyweight and with a pocket are two things which make sense from a workwear perspective. Weight offers a certain longevity and an easily accessible pocket is always welcome. Somewhere to shove that hastily scribbled address or essential bit of info is a bonus. These Gildan® Hammer™ pocket tees have a rugged style that’s going to look great with some printer’s ink.

Okay, that’s it, clocking off time. We’ll leave it there with this look at the best workwear t-shirts for printing. As alluded to at the outset, there are thousands of blank t-shirts and many can be utilised for working situations. We’re familiar with the vast majority of them and just wanted to share a bit of that insight.

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