18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies

18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies
20th May 2022 5th Team

Where’s your head at? Hopefully inside a piece of ethically acceptable headwear when the need for headwear arises. And to that end we’ve come up with 18 eco-friendly blank beanies. These are plain beanie hats specifically designed to be decorated. Of course, you can wear them without decoration. But given our area of expertise is exactly that, professional printing and embroidery, we think they’ll look even better with a brand logo or spot of inspired artwork.

This selection of eco-friendly blank beanies is made up of products with responsibly sourced, organic cotton, and recycled content. We’re talking headgear with heart, ethical and eco-conscious alternatives to what’s been available in the past. It’s pretty extensive in terms of the current state of play when it comes to eco-ethical blank beanies. And as such, we hope it will contain something new if you’re already a convert. If you’re not, there should be some nice surprises here. This eco stuff is good in more ways than the obvious environmental appeal.

By the way, we’ve grouped suppliers together fo ease. And the order is random, there for reference rather than ranking.

Stanley Stella Fisherman Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

1. Stanley Stella Fisherman Beanie

Let’s start our look at eco-friendly blank beanies with one from our friends over at Stanley Stella. They’re an ever-reliable ethical supplier. And this Stanley Stella Fisherman Beanie (product code STAU771) is one that demands serious consideration. It’s worth noting, there are nine colours from which to choose.

Stanley Stella Rib Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

2. Stanley Stella Rib Beanie

This is our second from Stanley Stella and another beanie hat brimming with potential for rebranding. The Stanley Stella Rib Beanie (code STAU772) is a two-layer beanie with four shaping seams at the top. It’s manufactured from 20% recycled polyester and 80% organic ring-spun combed cotton.

Neutral Rib Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

3. Neutral Rib Beanie

Next up we have some beanies from the good folk at Neutral® Certified Responsibility™. Our first, the Neutral Rib Beanie (code O93057) is a 1X1 rib knit. Heavy gauge and stretchable, these beanies are double-layered and have a folded bottom cuff. They’re crafted from organic Fairtrade cotton.

Neutral Classic Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

4. Neutral Classic Beanie

Second from Neutral is their Neutral Classic Beanie (code O93055). As with the previous item, this is heavy gauge and double layered with a folded bottom cuff. We think the Fairtrade flag label on the cuff is a particularly nice touch. After all, there’s no point being shy about your eco-friendly credentials.

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Neutral Mixed Knit Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

5. Neutral Mixed Knit Beanie

Have you spotted it? Yep, that fabulous Fairtrade flag label is visible again. Other than that lovely feature, this Neutral Mixed Knit Beanie (code O93056) offers an interesting textural twist with the different knits. Again, a heavy gauge bit of headwear and it comes in seven attractive colours.

Neutral Organic Jersey Hat - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

6. Neutral Organic Jersey Hat

Right, time to slide a slightly more street style element into our eco-friendly blank beanies piece. The Neutral Organic Jersey Hat (code O93050) is obviously a lighter weight option at single jersey knit, 155 g/m². It’s one layer, has soft quality to it, and finished with a cool roll up detail to the bottom hem.

Beechfield Organic Cotton Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

7. Beechfield Organic Cotton Beanie

Our next section of beanie hats come from Beechfield. The latter are a big deal as far as blank headwear goes for the customisation market. And it’s great to see them expanding their organic selection. We start with their Organic Cotton Beanie (code B50). Worth noting because it’s their first foray into organic cotton beanies.

Beechfield Organic Waffle Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

8. Beechfield Organic Waffle Beanie

Think tactile, soft and comfortable. Then add both eco and skin friendly into the mix and you have the Beechfield Organic Waffle Beanie (code B52N). This stand-out piece of headgear is constructed from OCS certified organic cotton. A sustainable choice with a tear away label which makes for simpler rebranding.

Beechfield Organic Snowstar® Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

9. Beechfield Organic Snowstar® Beanie

Okay, how about a hat which has some streetwear vibe as well as an outdoorsy feel? After all, you can’t beat a bobble on a beanie. The Beechfield Organic cotton Snowstar® Beanie (code B450N) certainly has one of those. Plus, it’s made from certified organic cotton and comes in a classic colour range.

Beechfield Organic Original Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

10. Beechfield Organic Original Beanie

Our final pick from Beechfield is a design based on one of their most enduring styles in terms of beanies. This Beechfield Organic Original Cuffed Beanie (code B45N) takes that tried and tested style and gives it a new, and very welcome, organic lease of life. And does so in a choice of seven super shades.

Result Recycled Printers Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

11. Result Recycled Printers Beanie

No article about eco-friendly blank beanies would be right without including at least one which puts printing in the picture. So, here we have it. The Result Genuine Recycled Double Knit Printers Beanie (code RC927X). This is a printable take on their classic super warm beanie made from 50% recycled material.

Result Recycled Woolly Ski Hat - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

12. Result Recycled Woolly Ski Hat

Fancy taking to the slopes in sustainable style? Yes, we agree, it’s the only way to go. To that end, here we have the Result Genuine Recycled Woolly Ski Hat (code RC929X). Double thickness and soft knit, this plain beanie is simply begging to be rebranded. Once again, made from 50% recycled materials.

Result Recycled Compass Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

13. Result Recycled Compass Beanie

Result’s Compass range offers something a little different with its contrast aesthetic. And this Result Genuine Recycled Compass Beanie (code RC930X) is a good example. The deep, contrasting cuff is a strong design feature. It’s a double thickness, has a soft-feel knit, and is available in six colour combos.

Result Recycled Thinsulate™ Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

14. Result Recycled Thinsulate™ Beanie

This is one to think about if keeping the customer’s head warm is part of your brand concept. The Result Genuine Recycled Thinsulate™ Beanie (code RC933X) has a 3M label inside to verify the Thinsulate content. It’s got a deep cuff and a soft feel. But, worth noting that it is only available in black, grey and navy.

Build Your Brand Fisherman Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

15. Build Your Brand Fisherman Beanie

Next up we have the Build Your Brand Recycled Yarn Fisherman Beanie (code BY154). The key points to note with this beanie are that it’s comfortable with simple, on-trend styling. It’s crafted from recycled polyester which hits the eco-conscious aspect of the brief. Again, limited colours, with black and asphalt grey.

AS Colour Knit Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

16. AS Colour Knit Beanie

Let’s conclude with three beanies from AS Colour. The latter are a highly respected blank brand that champion responsible sourcing and are part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This AS Colour Knit Beanie (code 1115) features a longer body and is mid-weight. It’s made from a 50% wool and 50% acrylic mix.

AS Colour Cable Beanie - 18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

17. AS Colour Cable Beanie

Our second beanie hat from AS Colour features a fashionable wider knit. The AS Colour Cable Beanie (code 1120) is acrylic and another versatile mid-weight option. In the UK, it’s currently available in five colours. Stand outs amongst those are the gold and red which are bold and vibrant.

18. AS Colour Cuff Beanie

Finally from AS Colour and the last, but by no means least, on our list is a tighter knit style. The AS Colour Cuff Beanie (code 1107) features, as the name suggests, a cuffed hem and also has a slightly longer body. There are seven shades in this one and they include a delightful copper and army green.

18 Eco-Friendly Blank Beanies.

There we have it. A selection of responsibly sourced plain beanie hats which we think are hard to beat. Beanies have long been a winner when it comes to rebranding. And choosing a blank product which has less environmental impact is something which will only enhance the overall appeal of the finished item. The good news is that there are more and more blank clothing suppliers who are producing sustainable merchandise. In many ways, it’s the proverbial no-brainer. Yes, it’s better for the planet. But it’s also an attribute and an increasingly big selling point for customers.

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