19 Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing

19 Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing
2nd August 2022 5th Team

This piece is a must-read if you need sleeveless tops customised and want the base garments to be sustainably sourced. That’s to say, we’ve put together what we consider to be a pretty extensive selection. Specifically, 19 eco-conscious vests and tank tops that are made to printed and personalised. The garments we’ve chosen are from a number of suppliers who’ve earned a solid reputation for an ethical approach to making blank clothing.

The vest top, often referred to as a tank top these days, has much in common with the t-shirt. Notably, both have a simple design that provides a perfect space for printing your message or logo. And, vests are versatile, something which is belied by the basic nature of the item. They started out as a purely practical piece of apparel and have retained that practical appeal. We’re talking all year round usage here. An extra layer in colder months and a cool stand-alone top when the weather gets warmer. But, the vest has also gained fashion credibility, an attribute that’s hard to ignore. Right, let’s get into them, 19 eco-conscious vests and tank tops for printing. As usual, numbers are for reference rather than ranking. And we’ve grouped the products by brand.

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Stella Minter - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

1. Stella Minter

We’ll begin our list of 19 eco-conscious vests and tank tops for printing with a selection from Stanley Stella. The Stella Minter (code STTW084) is a women’s medium fit tank top, a relatively new addition to Stanley Stella’s impressive organic catalogue. It also boasts an impressive colour card. Think delightful naturally inspired shades such as buttery cream, heather rainbow and volcano stone.

Stanley Specter - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

2. Stanley Specter

Our second product from Stanley Stella is a men’s style. The Stanley Specter (code STTM543) men’s tank top is single jersey and manufactured from 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton. It doesn’t come with the same variety of colour as the Stella Minter, but those available will satisfy most requirements. To be specific, basic black and white supplemented by navy and two shades of grey.

Stella Dancer - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

3. Stella Dancer

Next up, we have the delightful Stella Dancer (code STTW038). A sleeveless women’s cropped tank top that’s a lovely lightweight option at 120 G/M². It has 1 x 1 rib at collar and arm holes, and a narrow double topstitch on the bottom hem. The slightly higher neckline is a feature which will work really well with some designs and also resonate more strongly in certain markets.

Stanley Runs - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

4. Stanley Runs

This is one of Stanley Stella’s well established styles. That’s to say, the Stanley Runs(code STTM551) men’s tank top has proven itself over a number of years. Again, it’s made from organic ring-spun combed cotton and mid-weight at 155 G/M². The colour range is the same as the Stanley Specter top. In stylistic terms, it differs somewhat with the shoulder straps being a little thinner.

Stella Dreamer - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

5. Stella Dreamer

The Stella Dreamer (code STTW013) vest is another style that’s been around for a good while. As such, it’s described by Stanley Stella as their iconic women’s tank top. This long-standing nature is reflected in the superb colour palette which is available. There are some simply sumptuous shades on offer with the Dreamer. Seriously, they’re screaming out for a spot of professional print.

Earth Positive Women’s Classic - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

6. Earth Positive Women’s Classic

The next section in our 19 eco-conscious vests and tank tops for printing comes from Continental Clothing and its stable of eco-ethical brands. We kick off with the Earth Positive Women’s Classic vest (code EP17A). It’s crafted from 100% combed organic cotton and relatively lightweight jersey 4.13oz / 130g. One point worth noting, it’s only available in black and white.

Earth Positive Men’s Vest - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

7. Earth Positive Men’s Vest

Next from Continental, we have their Earth Positive Men’s Vest (code EP08). Again, the choice of colours is limited to black and white. Okay, not a huge choice, but it ought to be remembered that minimal is often best when it comes to custom printing. Some of the most effective and successful t-shirt designs have been achieved by using simple combinations.

Earth Positive Women’s Racerback - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

8. Earth Positive Women’s Racerback

We definitely need some racerback tops in our eco-friendly vests and tanks. So, let start with the Earth Positive Women’s Racerback (code EP17). It has to be said, this feels like a particularly feminine piece of apparel. And the curved drop at the back is a lovely stylistic touch. Needless to say, it’s Earth Positive gear and that means sustainable organic cotton material.

Continental Clothing Women’s Ecovero™ - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

9. Continental Clothing Women’s Ecovero™

This article is all about eco-conscious fabrics and it’s easy to forget that there is more out there than organic cotton and recycled. The Continental Clothing Women’s Ecovero™ vest (code N47) is a fabulous example of that. It incorporates a sustainable alternative to viscose. LENZING™ certified ECOVERO™ is a cellulose fabric derived from renewable wood sources.

Continental Clothing Bamboo Racerback - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

10. Continental Clothing Bamboo Racerback

It’s time for another racerback. After all, one was never going to be enough! Here we have the Continental Clothing Bamboo Racerback vest (code N41). Without doubt, a very stylish item. And it’s also very much on the money when it comes to innovative, eco-conscious fabrics. This garment is manufactured from 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton.

Earth Positive Tencel Blend - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

11. Earth Positive Tencel Blend

And, talking of inventive thinking with materials, here’s another illustration of how that can produce great results. The Earth Positive women’s Tencel Blend vest (code EP44) is made from 50% combed organic cotton and 50% Tencel© Lyocell. The latter is a type of rayon, similar to viscose and modal, derived from cellulose fibres. Think wood pulp and special drying processes.

Neutral® Men’s Tank Top - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

12. Neutral® Men’s Tank Top

The next batch of products comes from our friends over at Neutral® Certified Responsibility™. As with the previous two suppliers, Neutral have rock solid eco credentials. Luckily, they also have some very good vests. The one shown above is the Neutral Men’s Tank Top (code O61300). Slightly fitted with wider straps, we think this is a reliable option.

Neutral Men’s Wrestler Top - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

13. Neutral Men’s Wrestler Top

The next offering from Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ takes us into somewhat sportier territory. Specifically, this Neutral Men’s Wrestler Top (code O61200) features a lower neckline at the front and as the name suggests, a classic wrestler back. As you might expect, given the sporty connotations, it’s a slim fitting. A serious contender for screen printing success.


14. Neutral Ladies Tank Top

Women’s tank top styles are also included in Neutral’s collection. In addition to the men’s singlets above, we have the Neutral Ladies Tank Top (code O81300). Similar to the male version, this top has wide straps. However, in this instance a slim fitting. Made from organic Fairtrade cotton, both tick the responsibly sourced and environmentally conscious boxes.

Neutral Ladies Wrestler - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

15. Neutral Ladies Wrestler

Finally, from Neutral, there’s a female take on the wrestler vest. The Neutral Ladies Wrestler top (code O81200) is made to make screen printing kinder to the environment. Again, constructed from organic Fairtrade cotton. This vest is slim fitting and has wide straps. Plus, a classic racerback styling. It’s only available in two colours, black and white.

16. Women’s TriDri® Organic Tank

We’re nearing the end of our selection of eco-conscious vests and tank tops. The next three are from TriDri, a blank brand known for fashionable fitness gear and innovative activewear. This women’s TriDri® organic tank top (code TR061) is organic cotton all the way and will work for workouts or relaxed kicking back. And it’s sure to look good with a printed logo.

Women’s TriDri® Recycled 3D Fit - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

17. Women’s TriDri® Recycled 3D Fit

Let’s take a more technical turn with a garment engineered for performance. The full name is ‘women’s TriDri® recycled seamless 3D fit multi-sport flex vest’. Definitely, a bit of a mouthful. But, it leaves you in no doubt that this is a piece of kit focused on function and fitness. That said, it’s still a great looking top and it’s available in some luscious pastel shades.

Women’s TriDri® Recycled Performance - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

18. Women’s TriDri® Recycled Performance

We’re staying with performance and working out in sustainable style. This women’s TriDri® recycled slim racerback vest (code TR527) is another gem which re-uses rather than wastes. And the sweat wicking recycled polyester fabric adds practical value as well as being environmentally attractive. The colour card here is vibrant with fire reds and lightning greens.

B&C Inspire Tank T-Shirt - Eco-Conscious Vests and Tank Tops for Printing.

19. B&C Inspire Tank T-Shirt

Last, but by no means least, we have an item from B&C Collection. More specifically, their B&C Inspire women’s tank t-shirt (code TW073). This particular item is manufactured from high quality organic combed ringspun cotton and feels like it could be a really versatile addition to any rebranded range. It has a soft hand feel and B&C’s No Label solution always makes garment finishing easier.

Fifth Column can help

Well, there we go, 19 eco-conscious vests and tank tops for printing. Get in touch, if you’re planning the next range of garments for your clothing brand, event or promotion, and need help. Fifth Column, printing t-shirts in London since 1977 – we offer an extensive range of garment customisation Services – and we love what we do. Contact Us for more information or request an Online Quote.

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