9 of the Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation in 2022

9 of the Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation in 2022
12th March 2022 5th Team

Polo shirts are wonderfully versatile items of clothing. They pop up all over the place, when you think about it. A comfortable choice when you’re kicking back, always in fashion, suitable for sport and leisure, and ideal for numerous working situations. This piece, 9 of the best organic polo shirts for personalisation in 2022, is our take on those polos which are both sustainably sourced and also designed for decoration.

In many ways, it’s an updated version of an article we published a couple of years ago, the best polo shirts for printing and embroidery. However, there is a difference in emphasis for 2022. Because, whilst we love a polo, we love an organic polo even more. As far as we’re concerned, organic and best are words that go together like needle and thread. And that’s not just an environmental judgement because the quality is normally superior too. So, all of these polo shirts are organic cotton with one exception which is made from recycled materials. As normal, numbers are for reference rather than rank.

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Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Stanley Stella Prepster.

1. Stanley Stella Prepster

Launched in their 2021 Autumn and Winter collection, the Stanley Stella Prepster polo shirt is a stunner. Many regard it as a standard setter for blank polos. The base Prepster polo is available in 24 fabulous colours and weighs in at a very respectable 230 G/M². Beyond this base shirt, there are also several sumptuous variations. For example, great patterns such as the Prepster AOP and Space Dye. Plus, long sleeved and Vintage versions. Retail quality and variety of options should put it firmly on your list.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Earth Positive EP20.

2. Earth Positive EP20

Continental Clothing are another outstanding brand in terms of sustainability and their EarthPositive range is loaded with great organic merchandise. Of which, the Earth Positive EP20 polo is an excellent example. A comparatively tight pique knit and weighing 230g, the EP20 can be printed or embroidered. It is worth noting that this shirt only comes in black, white and navy. But that doesn’t detract from the quality and style. Continental started out in the street markets of London and they’ve retained that streetwear meets ethics authenticity.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - AWDis Ecologie Etosha.

3. AWDis Ecologie Etosha

Ecologie by AWDis is a range of t-shirts and tops created from ecologically friendly sources. Thankfully, it includes a rather nice polo. The Ecologie Etosha polo shirt is organic cotton pique and available in arctic white, jet black (shown above) and navy. Styling is a good representation of the Ecologie approach. That is to say, sustainable production methods coupled with a fashion sensibility that gives this Etosha shirt a contemporary smart casual feel. It features a two button placket, slim collar and cuffs, and could be a good fit for fashion branding.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Result Recycled R501X.

4. Result Recycled R501X

Our exception to the entirely organic polo shirt theme, mentioned at the start, is recycled. We think that’s an acceptable bit of leeway because it means we can include some hi-vis. The fact that there is a hi-visibility, ethically manufactured polo is in itself a good demonstration of the versatility of the garment. This Recycled safety polo shirt stands out in more ways than one. It’s made from high quality sustainable yarns created from recycled plastic bottles and is also end of life recyclable. Definitely one that will tick corporate sustainable responsibility boxes.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Neutral Long Sleeve.

5. Neutral Long Sleeve

We obviously need to have a long sleeved polo in our selection and we’ve chosen one from our friends over at Neutral Certified Responsibility. Their O20200 men’s long sleeve polo shirt boasts the unquestionable eco-ethical credentials that we’ve come to expect from Neutral. Superior quality and crafted from organic Fairtrade cotton, this shirt is a classic pique knit and 235 g/m². You can’t go too far wrong when a supplier combines quality with a dedication to responsible sourcing and manufactures with customisation in mind.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Stanley Dedicator.

6. Stanley Dedicator

This polo shirt featured in the first list and it’s still here on the 2022 update. Perhaps not so surprising when you consider how long it’s been around. Described by the manufacturer as ‘the iconic men’s polo’, the Stanley Dedicator polo shirt is tried and tested with customers and garment decorators alike. In truth, Stanley Stella have a fantastic depth of product when it comes to polos and we could have chosen any of them. Their range is comprehensive, offering styles for kids, men, women and unisex. Click Here to view the full selections.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - B&C Inspire PW440.

7. B&C Inspire PW440

Part of the B&C Inspire line of organic apparel, the PW440 polo shirt is contemporary cut and urban all the way in terms of styling. By the way, we’ve pictured the women’s shirt, but there is a similar polo for men. Ringspun organic cotton optimises durability and these Inspire polos are available in a tasty selection of on-trend shades. An affordable option, tag free and ‘no label’, they offer plenty of potential for printing and rebranding. Actually, it’s worth checking out all of the B&C Inspire collection if you’re into cool and eco-conscious.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Stella Paiger AOP.

8. Stella Paiger AOP

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Why on earth is there a dress on our list of 9 of the best organic polo shirts for personalisation in 2022? Well, we wanted to mix things up a little and explore all the possibilities in polos. And we can justify including the Stella Paiger AOP dress because it’s a polo dress and gorgeously stylish, into the bargain. It’s without doubt a polo shirt from the waist up, two button placket and all! We’ve shown the charming check all over print here, although there is a plain Paiger that comes in six colourways.

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation - Stanley Stella Mini Sprinter.

9. Stanley Stella Mini Sprinter

Polo shirts have become essential kit for children and we thought an example would be a good way to round off our take on the best organic polo shirts for print and embroidery. The Stanley Stella Mini Sprinter polo shirt is a classic. Great quality and with twelve scintillating colours, more than enough to satisfy most requirements. Polos are incredibly common in schools as part of day to day uniform. And any kids garment that looks this good and is so easy to wear and wash is also going to be a winner when the school day is done.

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