9 of the Best White T-Shirts for Printing

9 of the Best White T-Shirts for Printing
26th May 2020 5th Team

White t-shirts are a staple for customisation, easily the most popular base colour for blank tees, and usually the first thought when it comes to colour if you’re planning some custom t-shirts. Most ranges of personalised tees include a white option. It’s fair to say that of the millions of shirts we’ve printed, white is by far the biggest number.

There are some very good reasons whyUK t-shirt printing is built on the back of the humble white t-shirt. From the printers perspective, screen printing a white shirt can be a more appealing proposition because it doesn’t require a base coat. That in turn lowers the cost of printing for the customer. It has several other attractions for customers, not the least of which is that white t-shirts are often cheaper to buy in the first place. Beyond that, a white surface accommodates a wider variety of designs and gives the graphic greater impact. Okay, enough about why, let’s take a look at some of the best white t-shirts for printing. As usual with our best blank garments series, these are numbered for reference rather than ranking.

1. Neutral Unisex Regular Tee O60002

Our list of the of the best white t-shirts in UK t-shirt printing begins with this beauty from Neutral® Certified Responsibility™. If you’re looking for quality which is also sustainable, Neutral deliver the goods. 100% organic Fairtrade cotton and 155 g/m², the Neutral Regular tee (O60002) is a casual fit with plenty of colours besides the white shown here.

2. Stanley Stella Creator (STTU755)

It’s hard not to like the Stanley Stella Creator t-shirt (STTU755), one of the most popular organic t-shirts in the UK. A very decent weight (180 g/m²) and 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton with sizes from XXS to 5XL. Widely available in the UK and familiar to most printing and personalisation companies, the Creator has earned it’s place as one of the most popular blank shirts for customisation.

3. AS Colour Base Long Sleeved 5029

We needed to include some long sleeve t-shirts in this take on the best white t-shirts which are currently available to UK t-shirt printing. Long sleeved tees are big news this year and what better option than the AS Colour base long sleeve (5029). Heavier weight at 200 gsm, this a top choice for brands who want high quality backed by ethically sound production.

4. Continental EcoVero Unisex Jersey T-shirt N48

EcoVero are the new standard in eco-responsible viscose fabric. Continental’s EcoVero unisex jersey tee (N48) mixes it with organic cotton and gets an entry onto the best white tees for their efforts. EcoVero is made from certified renewable wood sources and meets high environmental standards. A shirt intended to make the world a cleaner, better place.

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9 of the Best White T-Shirts in UK T-Shirt Printing - Russell J215M

5. Russell Classic Heavyweight Tee J215M

Russell make an appearance with a heavy weight shirt that pays real attention to detail. The Russell classic heavyweight t-shirt (J215M) boasts an impressive 210gsm and is made from 100% combed ringspun cotton (that’s the finest cotton yarn category). This is also a good option for an oversized tee. Decorate to your heart’s content, odds are that it’s going to feel pretty good.

6. AS Colour Unisex Organic 5005

Another one from the ever reliable AS Colour. Responsible sourcing is their credo and this short sleeved t-shirt certainly qualifies on that front and is definitely one of the best. The AS Colour organic t-shirt (5005) is a great example of how doing the right thing is also good business. Lightweight at 150g and made from quality organic cotton which begs to be printed.

9 of the Best White T-Shirts in UK T-Shirt Printing - FOTL 61212

7. FOTL Heavy cotton T 61-212

You’ve probably heard of Fruit of the Loom, even if you’ve never considered printing t-shirts or which are the best available in the UK for doing so. The Fruit of the Loom heavy cotton tee is a hardworking favourite, a more budget friendly option that has seen plenty of screen printer’s ink. A healthy 185 gsm and washable at 40°, it comes in sizes ranging from Small (35-37 inches) to 3XL (50-52 inch chest).

9 of the Best White T-Shirts in UK T-Shirt Printing - Earth Positive EP01L

8. Earth Positive Long Sleeve EP01L

Our second long sleeve tee for the the best white shirts available in the UK printing and personalisation market. EarthPositive is part of the Continental Clothing Company. It’s a sub-brand where the name is a giveaway. The Earth Positive EP01L is 100% combed organic cotton jersey and made in a way which respects everyone involved.

9 of the Best White T-Shirts in UK T-Shirt Printing - Neutral O30001

9. Neutral Kids Tee O30001

You can’t forget the kids. There are a hell of a lot of t-shirts printed in the UK for youngsters and we believe in that old saying about starting as you mean to go on. Cloth them properly, with shirts printed on sustainably sourced material. The Neutral O30001 t-shirt is a fabulous example of high quality, organic cotton from one of the world’s leading producers.

That’s about it for this article. 9 of the best white t-shirts in UK t-shirt printing is, in many ways, just a starting point. Food for thought about the wonderful, and often overlooked, white t-shirt.

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