9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery
1st April 2020 5th Team

Here at Fifth Column we provide a wide variety of customisation services for an even wider variety of customers. Screen printing, DTG printing, embroidery, plus those final touches like garment finishing and relabelling. And we deal with folk from every walk of life. It’s fair to say, we wear a lot of different hats. Amongst many things, we’re workwear printers and know a thing or two about the best workwear garments for printing and embroidery.

Creating customised clothes for the working environment, whether it be corporate clothing or small business uniforms, poses specific challenges. We’re good with that, we like a challenge. A vital element in getting great printed or embroidered workwear is the blank garments themselves. Luckily, we get to see plenty of them and thought it high time we put together another list! So, here are 9 of the best workwear garments for printing and embroidery (numbered for reference rather than ranking). Part of our best blank merchandise 2020 series.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - Russell J010M t-shirt

1. Russell J010M Workwear T-Shirt

Everyone knows that Fifth Column love printing t-shirts. We’ve printed millions and it never gets old for us. Workwear t-shirts need to have specific qualities, but they’re still t-shirts, and we’re expert at printing and embroidery for tees. The Russell workwear t-shirt (J010M) fits the bill. A premium quality tee with double layered shoulder panels for added durability, it’s specifically made for the workplace. The weight is a very respectable 180gsm. Tough and comfortable are the manufacturer watchwords. Combed, ringspun cotton. 8 sizes and 8 colourways.

Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - Dickies Portland shirt

2. Dickies SH5000 Portland Shirt

The Dickies Portland shirt (SH5000) is made for the outdoors and cold working conditions. It looks good and delivers performance. The lumberjack check style is timeless. The garment construction is padded and practical and it has chest and side pockets. Dickies are world-renowned suppliers of durable, high quality workwear. Nowadays, their specialised clothing has moved into hip territory. Good with plumbers and builders, students and trend-setters alike. Double layered, these shirts look absolutely fantastic with some premium embroidery.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - 2786 ts014 fleece

3. 2786 TS014 Full-Zip Fleece

We need to have at least one fleece on our 2020 list of the best workwear garments for printing and embroidery. It’s the type of attire which has a multitude of uses. There are numerous workwear applications and a cross over into outdoor leisure wear. The 2786 full zip fleece (TS014) has plenty to recommend it for personalisation. It’s 280gsm, 100% polyester anti-pill fleece with sizes XS (36in) up to 3XL (that’s a 50inch chest). A piece of clothing which we think is begging to be decorated with a company logo.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - asquith fox aq010 polo

4. Asquith & Fox AQ010 Men’s Polo

We recently took a look at polo shirts with an emphasis on organic and sustainably sourced garments (click Here to read that article). The polo shirt is one of those pieces of clothing which has quietly become an essential. Versatile, an everyday casual great, it’s also a workwear uniform staple. The Asquith & Fox men’s polo shirt (AQ010) is understandably popular for customisation. The ringspun combed cotton has a tight piqué weave and a soft finish which works well for all decoration techniques. Plus, it’s available in a vast array of colours.

Need help finding the best workwear clothing for printing and or embroidery? Get in touch with our friendly team for some expert help.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - Result r221m jacket

5. Result R221M Core Channel Jacket

Jackets might not be the first item of clothing you think of when it comes to printing and embroidery, but they’re an important part of many corporate uniforms and small business kit. Think how many jobs, big companies and one-man bands, have a need of outerwear. The Result Core Channel jacket (R221M) is a great choice for customised working gear. Blouson styling, fashionable and practical. Easywear and easy care, waterproof and windproof. Fleece lined for comfort and a fold-away hood for wet weather. Embroidery is the best option to ensure the durability of the garment decoration.

6. Pro RTX RX600 Pro Workwear Cargo Trousers

Workwear involves more than screen printed tees and embroidered polo shirts. A lot of businesses, both small and large, require specialised trousers for their day to day working environment. Pro workwear cargo trousers (RTX RX600) are an excellent example of pants made specifically for the workplace with customisation in mind. Comfortable and versatile and sporting three sets of pockets to accommodate the demands of a hard working day. Manufactured from 65% polyester and 35% cotton and including internal knee pad pockets.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - pro RTX RX605 shorts

7. Pro RTX RX605 Pro Cargo Shorts

When the weather gets warmer or if your job involves hotter working conditions, trousers may not be the ideal choice of legwear. That’s where Pro RTX cargo shorts (RX605) come into their own. Smart and functional, these multi-purpose shorts are a great alternative. Acceptable across a wide range of sectors from corporate clothing to service industries, they are made from a tough poly cotton material and feature five useful pockets (one at the back, two at the side and two cargo). They have a traditional waistband with belt loops, zip fly and come in sizes from Small to 5XL.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - portwest s466 jacket

8. Portwest S466 Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket

Mention workwear and Hi-Vis is what instantly springs to mind for many people. There’s no doubt that hi-visibility clothing plays a huge part in modern industry and commerce. Nowadays, hi-vis garments can be seen all over the place. Building sites and warehouse aisles, on the roads and at events, an everyday essential for health and safety. The Portwest Hi-Vis traffic jacket (S466) is a popular option. Waterproof, drawstring hood and hem, studded storm flap and tons of storage pockets. Ready to be customised and ready to deliver performance.

9 of the Best Workwear Garments for Printing and Embroidery - rx700 waistcoat

9. Pro RTX RX700 Waistcoat

Given the extensive use and need for hi vis, it’s no surprise that such clothing is a workwear basic and comes in many shapes and sizes. Jackets and trousers, polo shirts and coveralls. The Pro RTX waistcoat (RX700) is a favourite of firms and printers alike. Features include tear and release fastening and reflective strips across the body and to the shoulders. There are lots of sizes and colours.

That seems like a good place to conclude this list of the best workwear garments for printing and embroidery. It’s worth noting that this is only a small sample. We have access to more than 100 blank clothing brands and can offer a huge variety of shirts, fleeces, polos, aprons, hi-viz gear and more besides.

Fifth Column can help

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