Anthem Organic Clothing – Supplier Spotlight

Anthem Organic Clothing – Supplier Spotlight
29th December 2022 5th Team

Anthem blank merchandise.

It’s been a while since we did one of our supplier feature articles. Well, we had a think and realised there was an obvious candidate. That is to say, Anthem, a B2B clothing company who are becoming a leading light in sustainable apparel for the personalisation market in the UK. Shining the supplier spotlight on Anthem organic clothing means we can take a look at their excellent range of products. And also consider the ethical ethos which underpins their approach to business.

Here at Fifth Column, t-shirt printing is in our DNA. Of course, our services have expanded beyond that. Nowadays, we live and breathe clothing customisation in all forms. Consequently, the folk who supply the plain products we decorate are very important to us. When all is said and done, we believe the best printing looks even better on quality clothing. Especially when the latter is produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. So, here we go, Anthem blank clothing.

The ethos - Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


Quality - Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


The fashion aspect - Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


The merchandise - Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


The thinking.

Anthem are one of those suppliers whose attitude and aspirations feel right. An awareness of bigger issues mixed with the commercial understanding needed to make ethical business a success. We print and embroider thousands of products each day. Naturally, they come from a wide variety of suppliers who in turn have different levels of commitment to environmental and ethical issues. Needless to say, our primary concern with every project is that the garment being printed works with the intended design. And that the combination of those two meet the needs of our customer. Obviously, suppliers who are eco-conscious, committed to fairness and place an emphasis on quality stand out.

Anthem organic clothing quality.

Whichever way you look at it, quality always counts. And more than ever when it comes to merchandise which actively embraces ethical means of production. Why? Well, the answer is fairly straightforward. It’s great when blank brands demonstrate these products are also high quality. It adds weight to the ethical argument.

Another aspect of Anthem we like is their stance on fast fashion. That’s to say, they aren’t big fans. Longterm, wearing today and throwing away tomorrow simply isn’t going to work. The products we create, including printed and embroidered products, need to stand the test of time. In their words, Anthem is style 365. Hardwearing and designed to stay stylish irrespective of season.


Which brings us to fashion. Generally, Anthem clothing offers a retail fit. On trend but flexible and designed to last. That soft organic cotton is a perfect surface for your print and it’s going to be there for a good period of time. Something to be cherished and worn again and again.


At point of writing, Anthem products are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and biodegradable sustainable viscose. It has to be said, the Anthem clothing catalogue isn’t vast. They make a relatively small range of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers. But don’t let that put you off. Those all-important finishing touches are there. For example, the hoodies. Soft peached fabric, soft inner fleece and a thick bouncy texture. And the tees are also soft feel. Most important, from our perspective, all are specifically made for embellishment. Below, we take a closer look at the merch.

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Tees in the Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


Hoodies in the Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


Sweatshirts in the Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


Joggers in the Anthem organic clothing supplier spotlight.


Anthem Tees.

As mentioned, Anthem’s ranges are small but beautifully formed. As illustration, the Anthem t-shirt (code AM010) has proved to be very popular. Easy to see why. The sizes in this tee go from XS to 6XL and the colour palette is a wonderful mix of basic and bright. Sustainable, stylish and wonderfully versatile. That said, it’s not the only tee in their range. Their shirts include a delightfully marled variant Anthem marl t-shirt (code AM010M). Plus a long sleeved option, the Anthem long sleeve t-shirt (code AM011). The arrival of a heavier shirt, the Anthem heavyweight t-shirt (code AM015), is a splendid addition. After all, good heavyweight tees for printing are always welcome.

Anthem Hoodies.

It’s easy to love Anthem hoodies. Attention to detail in the finish and a feel good production story. Luxurious fabrics, zip up or pull over the head, take your pick. There are two styles in zip ups, the Anthem men’s zip hoodie (code AM002) and the Anthem women’s zip hoodie (code AM004). They also make male and female fashion fitting options in the pullovers. Namely, the Anthem men’s hoodie (code AM001) and the Anthem women’s hoodie (code AM003). All ooze a softly sensual attraction for the wearer. There are some lovely colours here too. Again, it’s got lots of commercial appeal. Choice which satisfies consumer and company demands. Those are also appealing qualities for us as a print and embroidery business.

Anthem Sweatshirts and Joggers.

Currently, there is only one style in each of these garments. That said, we’re not complaining. Both are unisex and the trademark quality we’ve come to expect from Anthem clothes. The Anthem sweatshirt (code AM020) is crafted from organic and eco-friendly materials, effortlessly stylish and comfortable with it. Similarly, Anthem jog pants (cod AM030) are slim fit and super soft, ready to get active or kick back.

So, there we have it. Our spotlight on Anthem organic clothing. Blank merchandise you might want to put on your list of possibilities. Especially, if like us you have a liking for high grade organic and sustainably sourced plain products.

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