Best Blank Long Sleeve Tees for Printing and Embroidery

Best Blank Long Sleeve Tees for Printing and Embroidery
27th November 2023 5th Team

11 Great Organic Long Sleeve T-Shirts to Print & Embroider.

Here we are, the 2023 – 2024 update on our pick of the best blank long sleeve tees for printing and embroidery. When it comes to high quality t-shirt printing, Fifth Column have more experience than you can shake an inky squeegee at. But even stunning customisation is better on a great surface. Which means we need to know about base products as well as having the clothes screen printing expertise. As a consequence, we’ve become pretty familiar with outstanding blank merchandise.

Now, there are thousands of plain t-shirts for print and embroidery. However, the number shrinks when you get into the long sleeved variety. And choice becomes smaller still if you want superior quality. What follows is a rather good selection of long sleeves. That’s to say, t-shirts that reach your wrist and feel good all the way down. And most folk will tell you, long sleeve shirts attain a special level with some bespoke print along the arm. Needless to say, this list includes some of the best organic long sleeve t-shirts currently available for personalisation in the UK.

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1. Stanley Stella Shifts Dry Long Sleeve

Our selection of the best blank long sleeve tees begins with a heavyweight. And we mean that in more ways than one. That’s to say, not just the 200 g/m² but also the fact that it’s firmly established with plenty of attractive features. This Stanley Stella Shifts Dry long sleeve (code STTM558) is unsex and comes in some lovely shades. Plus, an extensive size range of XXS to 3XL. Beyond that, it’s made from eco-friendly organic cotton with that popular dry hand feel finish. And, needless to say, a highly respected blank clothing supplier.

2. AS Colour Base Organic Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Our next LS shirt is certainly one to consider when you want high quality allied to environmentally friendly fabrics. The AS Colour Base organic long sleeve tee (code 5029G) is classed as a plain long sleeve t-shirts men’s style. But nowadays there tends to be some flexibility in how these things are interpreted. That aside, this is a nice piece of apparel and it’s made from fully certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton. Plus, it’s been around a while and is a long standing favourite both with customers and garment decorators alike.

3. Neutral Recycled Long Sleeve Tees

Here we have a slight deviation from the organic theme. Insofar as it’s not cotton, let alone organic. Nevertheless, it is still a responsibly sourced garment which deserves a mention in this best blank long sleeve tees piece. Because the R61050 Neutral recycled performance long sleeve tee offers exactly what the name suggests. That is, made from recycled polyester and angled toward activity with its wicking properties. Definitely a sustainable option.

4. Earth Positive Heavy Long Sleeve Shirt

Do you fancy more heavyweight action in your organic cotton printed t-shirts collection? Well, we have just the thing. Specifically, this Earth Positive heavy long sleeved tee (EP18L). Made by our London neighbours, Continental Clothing, it’s another style that’s stood the test of time. Not least because of the 190g weight and that always versatile unisex fitting. A great choice when you want your sustainable t-shirt printing UK flavoured.

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5. Stanley Shuffler Men’s Long Sleeve Tee

Now, this one is described by the manufacturer as ‘the iconic men’s long sleeve t-shirt’. And it has a track record that suggests they may have a fair point. By which we mean the Stanley Shuffler men’s long sleeve tee (code STTM560) has been with us for a considerable time. Indeed, it’s made well deserved appearances in our best blank long sleeve tees and organic long sleeve t-shirts articles in the past. Perhaps no surprise when you think about great quality that comes in 8 colours.

6. Bella + Canvas Unisex Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Next, we have a tee that might not be labelled as organic but does come from a highly regarded blank clothing supplier. One which is WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and also supports Fairtrade and waste free production. Besides which, this Bella + Canvas unisex long sleeve (code 3501) has got a rather appealing classic feel to it. It’s what’s termed as a retail fit and the unisex cut is always a winner when you’re custom branding.

7. Anthem Organic Long Sleeve Tee

Right, time to get our look at the best blank long sleeve tees for printing and embroidery back on firmly organic ground. And there’s no better way to do so than with this Anthem organic long sleeved gem (AM011). Besides the ethical aspects, this shirt will work for a lot of projects because of the contemporary fashion fitting. On top of that you also have an extremely impressive ranges of sizes that go from an XS to 6XL. That should cover most of the bases.

8. Neutral Ladies Long Sleeve Tee

Are long sleeve printed t-shirts women’s styles part of your portfolio and is quality important? Yes to both! Well, in that case, you may want to give this one the once-over. Because the Neutral ladies long sleeve t-shirt (O81050) is organic Fairtrade cotton, stylish and feminine. With another stand-out feature. That being a really extensive colour palette which even includes a stripe. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that there is a man’s version of this one.

9. No Sweat Blank Organic Long Sleeve

Here’s one to consider if you want to buy long sleeve organic t-shirts wholesale for printing. Especially if ethics and the environment are high on your list of priorities. To explain, this No Sweat long sleeved t shirt (NS02) is made of organic cotton but the appeal extends beyond that. In particular, the fact that No Sweat blank merchandise is made in worker owned factories. As such, it’s part of a campaign against sweat shop labour and in support of fair working conditions.

10. AS Colour Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

How about another female offering seeing as we’re nearing the end of our best blank long sleeve tees list? And one that’s not long hit the wholesale shelves. Okay, no problem, we have an ideal candidate. That’s to say, the AS Colour women’s organic long sleeve rib tee (code 4075). It’s part of a raft of new additions to this supplier’s organic ranges. And one that we think is super cute. It’s fashionable and slim fitting, mid weight, and fairly crying out for superior print.

Stanley Stella Mini Hopper Kids Long Sleeve Tee - best blank long sleeve tees.

11. Stanley Stella Mini Hopper Kids Long Sleeve Tee

Let’s round off with something for the juniors. After all, this type of garment is the sort of easy wear stuff that works brilliantly in a kids wardrobe. Although it has to be said that organic long sleeve t-shirts for children are somewhat less common than you might think. All good then that we can rely on this Stanley Stella Mini Hopper (STTK907). Once again, it’s a plain long sleeved organic cotton shirt that’s tried and tested over a number of years

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