Best Face Masks for Printing

Best Face Masks for Printing
1st June 2021 5th Team

Not so long back, we couldn’t have imagined writing an article about the best face masks for printing and personalisation. However, circumstances during the last year meant that the mask became an everyday essential. And halfway through 2021, it doesn’t really feel like it’s going away anytime soon. Even with more positive developments in the pandemic, there remains uncertainty about many things. Government guidance is constantly evolving, but it feels as if the face mask may be something which has found a more permanent place in public consciousness.

Until recent times, face masks were fairly uncommon in the UK. They were generally only required in specific situations. Making them mandatory changed all that. With everyone needing a mask, it’s no surprise that numerous companies and organisations wanted masks branded. A school or business logo. A promotional giveaway with a difference. Or a unique design for resale. They all need specialised ink. So we’ve put together a short list, 6 of the best face masks for printing. As usual, numbered for reference rather than ranking. Taking sensible precautions is a no-brainer and staying safe in style is a good way to go. It’s worth pointing out that we only do simple, one colour prints on masks.

PR799 Premier Washable 2-Ply Mask for printing.

1. PR799 Premier Washable 2-Ply Mask

We kick off with the Premier washable 2-ply face mask ( code PR799), a face covering which is AFNOR certified. The latter is a guideline that specifies minimum requirements for general purpose, non medical woven masks. This one has 2 layers of single jersey material and an inner loop to adjust the fitting. It also features an antimicrobial finish on the outer surface, an added protection that inhibits the growth of microbes and helps keep it fresh. It’s a shaped mask, comes in one size and is available in a very respectable fifteen colours. Washable at 60 at degrees.

PR796 Premier 3 Layer Fabric Mask for printing.

2. PR796 Premier 3 Layer Fabric Mask

Our second example is another from the guys at Premier workwear. The Premier 3-layer fabric mask (code PR796) is again AFNOR Certified and available in a wide variety of colours (twelve at time of writing). It’s constructed of three layers of woven fabric which means it can be washed and reused. As with all of these masks, the PR796 is non medical but an excellent option for shielding in working environments. This model features a pocket that accommodates an optional carbon filter (available separately). One size, it’s designed for a snug fit on the face and under the chin.

XQ003 AXQ Antimicrobial Mask for printing.

3. XQ003 AXQ Antimicrobial Mask

This AXQ face mask (code XQ003) is another one that’s washable and been given an anti-microbial treatment. Anything that helps prevent microorganisms and odour has got be good. It’s made up of two layers, a nice balance that reduces the ingress of particles and makes breathing easier. The inner of this face mask is a soft touch cotton rich material which, combined with stretch ear loops, makes it more comfortable for the user. It’s washable, up to twenty times according to the manufacturer, and is available in two basic colours, black and natural.

4. GD900 Gildan Everyday Mask

And next up is the Gildan® adult everyday 2-ply mask (code GD900). As the name implies, this is intended to be a comfortable choice for daily use. Furthermore, the GD900 is also washable and can be reused. It features a covered, elasticised bridge and ear loops which provide some shape and help the mask stay in place. There is also a pleated chin that cuts down on the need to keep adjusting and repositioning on the face. The Gildan GD900 is a lightweight mask and is specifically designed for the blank merchandise market. It comes in black and white colours.

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PR798 Premier Snood for printing.

5. PR798 Premier Snood

Okay, we know, a slightly different take on what you generally think of when someone says ‘mask’. That said, the Premier snood (code PR798) is still a very effective face covering. An alternative to a standard mask that may be preferable in certain circumstances and situations. This is made of a seamless, quick drying fabric and has a water repellent finish. Easy to wear, it’s simple a matter of pulling up and stretching over face and doubling down the fabric. Washable at 60 degrees, reusable and available in three practical shades.

No Sweat Organic Cotton Mask for printing.

6. No Sweat Organic Cotton Mask

Let’s round off with the No Sweat organic cotton mask (code NS05). Stay safe in sustainable style with this 2-ply face mask that’s made from 100% organic, recycled cotton. This means that off-cuts from cotton t-shirts are reused, rather than being dumped in landffill. It’s a genuinely ethical product, manufactured in a a worker owned factory in Bangladesh. The workers there all earn a living wage, work in decent conditions, and have democratic control of their work. The No Sweat mask is one size, weighs in at 180g and is available in several colours.

That’s about it for this quick look at 6 of the best face masks for printing in 2021. We printed all of these with very satisfactory results. As mentioned, simple, one colour printing works best. We should note that these masks and face coverings are all non medical, non clinical in nature. They are meant to assist in reducing the spread of infection, but don’t come with any assurances against transmission. In reality, the jury is still out on the efficacy of masks. Debate continues on the subject. As far as we’re concerned here at Fifth Column, erring on the side of caution seems like a sensible way to approach things.

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