12 of the Best Organic Joggers for Printing and Embroidery

12 of the Best Organic Joggers for Printing and Embroidery
7th February 2023 5th Team

Best blank sustainable sweatpants.

Here at Fifth Column, organic t-shirt printing is one of our specialities. But, we print and embroider a lot more than tees and the organic speciality stretches across all of it. As a consequence, we constantly monitor what’s out there in terms of sustainable garments and merchandise for customisation. We recently took a close look at plain jog pants designed to be decorated. Specifically, those with organic cotton content from certified wholesale suppliers. What follows is a selection of some of the best organic joggers for printing and embroidery currently available in the UK market.

Before getting into our best organic sweatpants, we ought to mention the vaguely incredible rise of joggers. What we know as sweat pants first appeared in the 1920s, made by Le Coq Sportif. Although originally intended for athletic pursuits, their usage has become far more widespread. You could say virtually universal, a staple for your casual wardrobe. Whether that be streetwear fashion or comfy kicking back gear. And even suitable for certain working situations. Incidentally, there are numerous terms for them. For example, joggers, jogging pants, sweatpants, track pants, tracksuit bottoms and loungewear. Whatever they’re called, we’re very familiar with the organic ones.

Stanley Stella Mover Jogger Pants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

1. Stanley Stella Mover Jogger Pants

First up, we have an established winner in the Stanley Stella Mover (STBM569). By which we mean these sustainable sweatpants have been around a long time and are still going strong. Unisex and constructed from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. Not shown here but there are several other versions. All are worth a look – AOP, Vintage, Splatter, and Dip Dye.

Anthem Unisex Jog Pants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

2. Anthem Unisex Organic Cotton Jog Pants

Second, we have an on-trend cuffed offering from Anthem. Their blank organic joggers (AM030) are part of a small but beautifully formed range of ethical plain clothing. Again, these are made from an organic cotton and recycled polyester blend. Super soft and unisex, they’re slim, sustainably stylish and available in three colours. Better yet, designed to be decorated.

Stanley Stella Decker Jog pants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

3. Stanley Stella Decker Joggers

Third, there’s a somewhat more relaxed style. Decker jogger pants (STBU587) are a relatively new addition to this suppliers collection. That said, we think they could be with us for quite a while. Stanley Stella have a knack of hitting the ethical nail on the head with new styles. Being crafted entirely from organic cotton will no doubt help. By the way, also available as a Decker Wave Terry version.

4. Continental Clothing Sweat Pants

Fourth on our list of the best organic joggers for printing and embroidery, some heavyweight sustainably sourced sweatpants from our good friends over at Continental Clothing. They’ve come up with a really solid option in these COR68 unisex organic joggers (they weigh in at 320g). Only two colours, the black and melange grey shown above. But, a quality and style of organic tracksuit bottom on which you can rely.

Want to print and embroider organic joggers? Get in touch, we can help.

Stanley Steps Men’s Jog Pants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

5. Stanley Steps Men’s Jog Pants

Next, it’s a men’s organic jogger which has also stood the test of time. That’s to say, this Stanley Stella blank jogging pant has longevity on its side. As with many other sustainable track pants featured, the composition is mostly organic cotton with some recycled polyester. Stanley Steps sweats feature a number of nice touches. For example, the metal tipped drawcords, welt back pocket and discrete self-fabric side panels.

Neutral Straight Leg Sweatpants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

6. Neutral Straight Leg Organic Sweatpants

Now, you may have noticed a distinct lack of plain uncuffed joggers so far. That’s mainly because this style of trouser simply don’t seem as popular right now. But don’t worry, the folk at Neutral Certified Responsibility have got you covered with their O74001 organic jog bottoms. As with all Neutral products, they’re sustainable quality. Manufactured from 100% organic Fairtrade cotton fleece and fully certified.

Stella Traces - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

7. Stella Traces Organic Cotton Sweatpants

At number 7 (not that the numbers are a ranking) the now almost classic female counterpart for Stanley Steps. These women’s blank joggers, Stella Traces (STBW129), include many of the features of the men’s. That said, there some differences other the obviously changed ladies cut. For instance, the patch pocket on the back and one less colour (black heather blue).

Neutral Cuff Sweatpants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

8. Neutral Organic Cuff Sweatpants

Here’s our second entry from Neutral Certified Responsibility. These cuffed organic cotton sweat pants (O74002) are unisex and again made entirely from organic Fairtrade cotton fleece. With their shaped fit and impeccable ethical pedigree, they’re functional and stylish. Incidentally, Neutral also offer an organic jogging bottom with zip pockets (O74003).

Earth Positive Unisex Jog pants - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

9. Earth Positive Organic Cotton Joggers

Next on our list of the best organic joggers for printing and embroidery are these fabulous unisex sweat pants from Earth Positive (EP68J). If you’re unfamiliar with the latter, Earth Positive are one of Continental Clothing’s stable of brands. And an extremely reliable one if you want guaranteed organic merchandise which is GOTS certified and has audited ethical production standards.

Mini Shake Kids Jogger - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

10. Mini Shake Kids Sustainable Jogger

No list of the best blank organic joggers would be complete without something for the youngsters. After all, joggers are ideal for children. Easy to wear, comfortable, and practical. And, just great with some high quality print or embroidery. No wonder they’re loved by schools, clubs and popular with junior fashion labels. Stanley Stella Mini Shake pants (STBK910) are available in six appealing shades.

Skinnifit Wide Leg - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

11. Skinnifit Wide Leg Organic Joggers

Okay, let’s take our tour of organic jogging pants into high fashion territory. With these SF (Skinnifit) wide leg joggers (SK431) we’re talking statement piece ladies loungewear bottoms. Admittedly, a slight deviation in that they’re made from 60% regenerated cotton and 40% recycled polyester. But, reusing cotton fibres still seems preferable to simply throwing them away.

Stanley Stella Baby Shaker - best organic joggers for printing and embroidery.

12. Stanley Stella Baby Shaker Pants

Finally in our collection of great organic joggers we have an item that’s too cute for words and has plenty of rebranding potential. There are six delightful shades including ‘Fraiche Peche’ which is new for this season. Baby Shaker (STBB921) offers the option to bring our beloved jogger to the next generation. And we’re all for that. Come on, let’s start as we mean to go on.

12 of the Best Organic Jog Pants for Rebranding.

Well, there we go. Our look at this particular product is done and dusted for now. A carefully curated selection of the best plain sustainable joggers currently offered in the UK. No doubt, we’ll update at some point. As with everything, the best printing and embroidery services move with the times.

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