Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation

Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation
19th July 2023 5th Team

11 of the Best Organic Polos to Print & Embroider

Here we go, an update to our article on the best organic polo shirts for personalisation. Originally published a few years back, it’s an ongoing take on the best polos currently available to print and embroider in the UK. We’re talking about high quality shirts ready to have your logo added. Because that’s where the best personalised polo shirts start – with the base, plain polos designed for customisation. Throw in a spot of expert embroidery or custom screen printing and you end up with something special.

For context, this is a slightly longer list with 11 eco-friendly blank polos instead of 9. And we’ve been flexible insofar as including a couple of styles with recycled content. Simply down to the fact we figure they may be of interest if organic apparel is on your radar. That aside, the humble polo is a great garment to customise because of its suitability for so many different situations. For example, work places, whether it be formal casual staff uniform or practical attire for trades people. And just think about sport and active pursuits where the possibilities are enormous. Not to mention fashion branding. So, let’s go, a carefully curated selection of sustainable polo shirts.

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Stanley Stella Prepster Polo Shirts - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

1. Stanley Stella Prepster Polo Shirts

This is a pretty good place to start if you want retail standard personalised polo shirts. That’s to say, the Stanley Stella Prepster polo (STPU331) would have a place in any list of the best polos, organic or otherwise. This one raises the bar with blank polos for printing and embroidery. It’s unisex, an excellent weight, and regular fit. All of which give the garment genuinely broad appeal for rebranding. On top of that, there is a wide range of colours which go from the primary basics to latest fashion. Oh, and there are also vintage wash and long sleeved versions.

Neutral Recycled Cotton Polo - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

2. Neutral Recycled Cotton Polo

Launched in 2023, this is a really interesting one and a must for our latest best organic polo shirts for personalisation. To explain, the Neutral Recycled Cotton polo shirt (C20090) is part of the manufacturer’s recently unveiled Recycled Cotton Collection. The latter is created using organic cotton waste from their everyday production runs. With the addition of recycled polyester. In this instance, even the buttons are made from pressed waste! Fabric origin aside, it’s a classic piqué knit which often finds favour with those who want to put their logo or design on a polo.

Earth Positive Standard Polo Shirt - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

3. Earth Positive Standard Polo Shirt

You may well be familiar with this brand if you’re into sustainable blank merchandise. And that’s because they’re organic all the way and fully certified as such into the bargain. This Earth Positive Standard polo (EP20) sticks with the tradition and at 230g is also a vey decent weight. A time of writing, it’s only available in 3 colours but still a good choice when you’re after personalised embroidered polo shirts UK supplied – Earth Positive is part of Continental Clothing who are based here in London like ourselves.

Stella Elliser Ladies Polo Shirt - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

4. Stella Elliser Ladies Polo Shirt

Now, we could probably do a whole post on the best polo shirts for women but the focus is broader here. So, let’s settle for featuring a stand-out organic ladies example. Specifically, the Stella Elliser polo shirt (STPW333) which is mostly organic ring spun combed cotton with a little elastane in the mix for comfort. As you would expect, the fit is feminine and flattering. This women’s polo has an excellent colour palette. Above, we’ve pictured the Orchid Flower but it’s offered alongside the standards and some other on-trend shades.

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Asquith & Fox Organic Polo - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

5. Asquith & Fox Organic Polo Shirts

Next up in our best polo shirts for printing and embroidery is a men’s style. Here we have the Asquith & Fox Men’s Organic polo shirt (AQ082) which is woven organic cotton. Soft and hardwearing, it’s a classic fit with a two button placket. A notable point about this shirt is that it’s Reach certified. If you’re unfamiliar with the latter, it’s an acronym for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. The idea of which, protecting human health and the environment from chemicals, seems like a rather good thing.

B&C My Eco Polo 65/35 - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

6. B&C My Eco Polo 65/35

As mentioned at the start, our updated look at the best organic polos includes some with recycled material. And this B&C My Eco Polo 65/35 (PU428) is one of them. And it’s one that offers lots of lovely colours for any polo printing project. Described by the supplier as a modern classic, it’s created from a blend of RCS certified recycled polyester and ringspun Better Cotton. For reference, RCS stands for Recycled Claim Standard and Better Cotton is one of the world’s leading sustainability initiatives for cotton.

Stella Paiger Polo Dress - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

7. Stella Paiger Polo Dress

Yes, yes, we know, this is meant to be about the best organic polo shirts to personalise. Not adorning eco-friendly dresses with a logo. Well, if it helps, try to think of the Stella Paiger Polo dress (STDW162) as a really long polo shirt. Which is actually not too far from the truth of the matter. Certainly in terms of the top half of the garment. That’s to say, this dress is all polo shirt from the waist upwards. And the weight and organic piqué fabric also has a decidedly polo vibe. That aside, it’s a high quality, chic piece of clothing.

Neutral Classic Polo Shirt - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

8. Neutral Classic Organic Polo Shirt

Next we have another shirt that’s environmentally okay and designed for decoration. The Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ Classic Polo (O20080) is made from organic Fairtrade cotton and weighs in at a very respectable 235 g/m². Incidentally, we mention weight because it can bring a real feel of quality to this sort of garment. Plus, it helps with embroidery. Beyond that, this is a rather stylish number with slightly fitted shoulders and a tailored sleeve. By the way, the supplier also produces a ladies Classic polo shirt.

B&C Inspire Polo (PM430) - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

9. B&C Inspire Organic Polos

How about another sustainably sourced polo with shades that span the spectrum? Okay, no problem, the B&C Inspire Polo shirt (PM430) fits the bill perfectly. This garment is part of the B&C Inspire line of organic apparel and has plenty to recommend it other than a rainbow colour palette. Qualities such a soft hand feel and competitive price. And the fabric composition is again interesting. It’s either certified organic cotton or cotton in conversion which is a process whereby farmers are helped in transition to fully organic production.

Stanley Stella Mini Sprinter Kids Polo - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

10. Stanley Stella Mini Sprinter Kids Polo

No compilation of polo shirts purpose made for customisation would be complete without a junior choice. And to that end we have the Stanley Stella Mini Sprinter (STPK908). It’s been on the list in the past and remains one of the best polos for children that’s out there. In truth, kids organic polos designed for print and embroidery in the UK are not as common as you might think. Which isn’t the most desirable of situations and one that hopefully changes in the future. However, in the meantime we have this sustainable gem.

Henbury Recycled Polo Shirt - Best Organic Polo Shirts for Personalisation.

11. Henbury Recycled Polo Shirt

Let’s conclude our pick of the best polo shirts to customise with one that’s sits squarely in recycling territory. This Henbury Recycled Polyester polo shirt (H465) is made from recycled polyester yarn and has wicking properties. As already acknowledged, we appreciate organic and recycling are separate things. But they both have a part to play in sustainable customisation.

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