10 of the best recycled t-shirts for printing

10 of the best recycled t-shirts for printing
21st March 2023 5th Team

What do we mean by recycled t-shirts?

Firstly, let’s clear up one area of confusion. That is, what’s meant by ‘recycled’ in terms of blank clothing. When we talk about the best recycled t-shirts for printing, it’s not pre-worn tees. Definitely not second hand city. These shirts haven’t been put on an extended wash cycle and shoved back into circulation. In short, they’re brand new but made from material which has been previously used for another purpose. Or, fabric discarded from the ‘new’ manufacturing process and reused. Rather than thrown away. Further explanation will follow with individual items.

Before we get there, a brief bit about our set-up. For us here at Fifth Column, eco-friendly and ethical printing are part of our core values. Like everyone else, we’re not perfect. But, we try every day to do things in the right way. For instance, our specialisation in customising sustainably sourced blank merchandise. Hence, our interest in the best recycled tees for printing. So, here we are, a selection of the top recycled shirts currently made to be printed. By the way, products are grouped by supplier and numbers aren’t a ranking. Merely there for reference.

Stanley Stella RE-Blaster, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

1. Stanley Stella RE-Blaster T-Shirt

Right, we begin with the Stanley Stella RE-Blaster (manufacturer code STTU792). On trend and on the button for better use of resources. By which we mean, Re-Blaster t-shirts are unisex and fashionably oversized. Plus, made from in-house organic cotton cutting waste. Also, they sit in the heavyweight weight category at 200 G/M². It has to be said, an attribute which is usually a big tick in blank tees.

Stanley Stella RE-Creator, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

2. Stanley Stella RE-Creator Tee

Next, we have an iconic design rebooted in rather attractive recycled style. This Stanley Stella RE-Creator t-shirt (code STTU787) is crafted from the same reused organic cotton cuttings as above. Incidentally, we love the colour names for these two shirts. RE-black, RE-white and RE-navy are spot on. So simple and distinctive. Yet, memorable and indicative of the real attention to detail in whole the concept.

Salvage Classic Fit, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

3. Salvage Classic Fit T Shirt

Third, we have one which has to be included on any list of the best ethical t-shirts in the UK. Salvage are one of the Continental Clothing stable of brands. All of which are a solid choice if you want quality base garments for eco-friendly t-shirt printing. And this Salvage Classic Fit recycled t-shirt (code SA01) is definitely included in that category. You can’t go far wrong with good fit and recycled poly cotton mix.

Salvage Baseball Shirt, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

4. Salvage Baseball Shirt

How about a retro inspired classic given some recycled love? Well, the Salvage Recycled Baseball Tee (code SA22) certainly matches that description. As with the previous item, this tee is manufactured from 60% recycled pre-consumer organically grown cotton and 40% recycled post-consumer polyester. To explain the latter, it equates to six and a half 1.5 litre plastic bottles being reused instead of dumped.

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Salvage Rolled Sleeve, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

5. Salvage Rolled Sleeve T Shirts

If you want to print ladies recycled t-shirts, we’ve got you covered. Continental Clothing have two cracking options. First, this women’s Salvage rolled sleeve recycled t-shirt (SA16) offers something slightly different with the stylish sleeve detailing. Again, created from that recycled organic cotton and polyester blend. Only four colours but they’re reliably popular and well established rebranding shades.

Salvage Slim Fit, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

6. Salvage Slim Fit Tee

Mid-point in our 10 best recycled t-shirts for printing sees the second ladies Continental contribution. The Salvage slim fit women’s recycled tee (SA02) is all about that figure-flattering cut. The material is the same as the others in the range. In terms of weight, we’re in middle ground at 165g. One point to note is that it’s currently only available in two colours. Those being melange black and grey.

Result Genuine Recycled Safety, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

7. Result Genuine Recycled Safety Shirt

In certain instances, the idea of a good tee is a combination of sustainable credentials and very specialised requirements. For example, this Result Genuine Recycled Safety Tee (code R502X). Here we have a shirt which meets specific international standards for visibility in high risk working situations. As well as being made from recycled bottles and recyclable at the end of its useful life it helps keep folk safe.

Ecologie Ambaro Sports shirt, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

8. Ecologie Ambaro Sports Shirt

These days, sport and active leisure are heavily promoted and increasingly popular. Consequently, there’s a demand for customised sports apparel. Happily, we have recycled options. Such as the textured ladies Ecologie Ambaro recycled sports t-shirt (EA04F). Sustainable fitness wear made entirely from recycled polyester. Again, derived from plastic bottles. By the way, there is also a version for men.

Neutral Performance T-Shirts, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

9. Neutral Performance T-Shirts

And those good folk over at Neutral Certified Responsibility also produce shirts designed for sport. Another great use of recycled polyester, Neutral performance tees are available in male and female fittings (R61001 and R81001 are the respective codes). As well as having a practical quick wick feature, there are twelve appealing colours in each. Now, that leaves no excuse for not being active in sustainable style.

AWDis Recycled Cool Tees, one of the best recycled t-shirts for printing.

10. AWDis Recycled Cool Tees.

Finally in our list of best recycled t-shirts to print we have the AWDis recycled Cool tee. This is a reclaimed take on one of their bestsellers. Perhaps an indication that printing recycled t-shirts is something which isn’t a passing fad or about to go away anytime soon. We’ve shown the kids shirt but it also comes in versions for men and women. All are made from AWDis Neoteric recycled fabric.

The best recycled t-shirts for printing.

Okay, that’s about it for our look at recycled tees. Nowadays, recycling is only one of the possibilities when it comes to sustainable t-shirts for print and embroidery. And it can only be good news that the choice seems set to grow. With more and more garment suppliers switching to organic cotton and also developing alternative fabrics. At Fifth Column, great customised merchandise is a given but it’s better still when the base product is responsibly produced.

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