Covid-19 and Brexit Update

Covid-19 and Brexit Update
12th January 2021 5th Team

Despite the current circumstances, Fifth Column are here for you. We wanted to put out a Covid-19 and Brexit update to reassure all of our customers that we are operational. It’s not exactly business as usual, nothing is usual at the moment, but it is as near as we can possibly get. These are extraordinary times. The awful Covid-19 situation is unparalleled in recent history and is presenting unique challenges to us all. Commercial activity is clearly a secondary concern when it comes to life and death issues. That said, the longterm importance of commerce can’t be ignored, providing that it’s carried out in a sensible and safe way.

In terms of Covid, the welfare of our people (staff and customers) is obviously our primary concern. So we’re operating in ways that ensure safety is the first and foremost consideration in everything that we do. Like everyone else, we’re doing our best to stay safe and carry on. And maintain our normal exceptional standards whilst doing so.

From a business perspective, the uncertainties surrounding Brexit have posed another set of unprecedented problems. Our preparations have been as comprehensive as we could make them and designed to minimise any disruption or inconvenience. We’re hoping that things will now settle down. There will no doubt be unforeseen developments, but we’re ready to adapt as necessary.

Covid-19 and Brexit Update – Contact.

It seems likely that social distancing, and limited physical contact, will be with us for the immediate future. Face to face contact, meetings and visits, are obviously difficult to arrange and accommodate at the moment. However, we are still within easy reach and you can expect the familiar friendly welcome. Email is currently the most reliable method of communication, so drop us a line!

One other thing that you can still look forward to. Our outstanding levels of care, customer service and quality. Some things never change.

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