Custom Printing Plain Dresses

Custom Printing Plain Dresses
9th August 2023 5th Team

11 of the Best Plain Dresses for Custom Printing.

Customisable dresses aren’t always the easiest thing to find, as you may know if you’ve ever searched for them. So, we decided to put together a list – 11 plain dresses for custom printing and embroidery. Of course, there are many plain examples of such apparel out there. Which is fine if you just want to design your own dress for fun or embellish a single item. Not so great when you need lots of them for workwear or resale. Custom printing plain dresses requires something more specialised. Consequently, the ones we’ve chosen are purpose made for rebranding.

As top quality t-shirt and clothing printers Fifth Column have developed access to a huge range of blank merchandise made for customisation. Some of which is easily available and some that’s more difficult to obtain. So when you get to plain dresses custom print, we’re uniquely placed to go from cheap and cheerful to limited edition fashion items. By the way, numbers are reference rather than ranking and we’ve grouped by supplier for convenience.

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Kicker - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

1. Kicker

We’ll kick off this look at printable dresses with a brand that has more depth of product than many. Yes, we mean Stanley Stella, a must see in regard to custom printing plain dresses. Their Stella Kicker dress (code STDW161) is an established favourite and has gained many admirers. Not least because, made from organic ring spun combed cotton and recycled polyester, it’s got eco-friendly appeal.

Paiger - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

2. Paiger

Our second item from Stanley Stella is the Stella Paiger Polo Dress (code STDW162) which is a rarity in plain dresses for custom printing. That’s to say, the polo inspired styling. And that’s a rather delightful idea for this type of garment because it hits a sweet spot between smart and casual. Again, made from organic cotton in the classic piqué material common to polo shirts.

Spinner - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

3. Spinner

Now, here we have another environmental spin on things (please excuse the pun) from the Stanley Stella dress collection. Their Stella Spinner dress (code STDW144) is super stylish t-shirt dress crafted from organic cotton and weighing in at a nice 180 G/M². There are six colours including an attractive canyon pink and the on-trend lavender pictured above.

Streeter - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

4. Streeter

Would a hooded option fit your plain dress custom printing profile? Well, here we go, the Stella Streeter dress (code STDW143) is that very thing. Whilst hoodie dresses are readily available in the retail market you don’t see an awful lot when it comes to blank apparel. This is a great example of the concept even down to the ever popular kangaroo pocket on the front.

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Twister - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

5. Twister

Our look at Stanley Stella dresses finishes with their Stella Twister (code STDW141) which is an oversized t-shirt dress. And one that could be a really good shout for summer custom clothing catalogues because of the looser fit and somewhat lighter 155 G/M² weight. It’s worth noting that there are currently only two colours, those being black and heather grey.

Mika - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

6. Mika

Now, the little black dress has almost become a fashion staple. So, a must for custom printing plain dresses. And this AS Colour Mika dress (code 4028) is an excellent candidate for anyone thinking about a range of bespoke printed dresses. What’s more, manufactured from quality cotton that’s GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, grown without herbicides or pesticides.

Neutral Long Tee Dress - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

7. Neutral Long Tee

Interestingly, Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ seem to class this one as a t-shirt. That said, we’re pretty much sure their Neutral ladies long tee (code O81020) will qualify as a dress with most folk. Made of organic Fairtrade cotton, single jersey knit, 155 g/m². Now, that strikes us as being another summer sizzler once decorated with some quality print.

Turtle Extended Shoulder Dress - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

8. Turtle Extended Shoulder

Next, we have some garments from Build your Brand starting with their Women’s Turtle Extended Shoulder Dress (code BY101). We think it’s fair to say that this has a certain chic appeal in regard to plain dresses for custom printing. Specifically, the soft shape, mini standing collar and turn up sleeves. It’s 200gsm of cotton that is suitable for screen printing.

Oversized Organic Dress - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

9. Oversized Organic

Described by Build your Brand as having an urban look, their Oversized Organic Slit tee drees (code BY181) is without doubt very distinctive. In a good way. It’s an interesting mx from a stylistic standpoint. To explain, the cut is straight with the upper body somewhat akin to that of a relaxed t-shirt. After that, you then you have a seam along the waist and a comfortable side slit.

Plain Tee Dress - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

10. Plain Tee Dress

In contrast to the previous garment, the Build your Brand tee dress (code BY214) is as uncomplicated as you could want. Unostentatious is the word that springs to mind. But that shouldn’t be confused with unfeminine or unflattering. It’s definitely got those qualities. In fact, the slight A line is decidedly loose and lovely. By the way, stated as being suitable for both printing and embroidery.

Extra Long Tank Dress - Custom Printing Plain Dresses.

11. Extra Long Tank

How about this as an alternative if you weren’t blown away by our first little black number? The Skinnifit Extra Long Stretch Tank (code SK104) is again a crossover. That’s to say, you can clearly wear it as a long tank top or short vest dress, as demonstrated by the image above. Surely, some possibilities for warmer weather fashion rebranding?

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