Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery
21st September 2020 5th Team

Fifth Column are probably best known for printing t-shirts, but these days we customise a wide variety of clothes and merchandise. We were recently asked about bibs and aprons. Specifically, if there were any ethical options with custom aprons. The good news is that there are a number of eco-friendly aprons for printing and embroidery now available in the UK. Organic, recycled and Fairtrade garments. Several specialist blank clothing companies are making them. We’ve picked aprons from Continental Clothing, Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ and Premier Workwear. All are well-established suppliers of quality products for the customisation market.

Aprons are one of those essential items which can be overlooked when it comes to branding. They obviously need to be functional first, good quality and able to cope with regular washing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t carry your message and values. Used in numerous activities, professional kitchens and café service, high street shops and artisan craft, the unassuming apron is always there. If your business, like so many consumers, is concerned about the environment, eco-friendly aprons for printing and embroidery should be on your radar.

It’s worth mentioning that we can print or embroider aprons, but embroidery is the favoured method of customising workwear aprons (especially if the aprons will be washed at high temperatures, as we don’t recommend this for screen printing anyway). As usual with our best blank garments articles, these are numbered for reference rather than ranking.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Neutral Kitchen Apron

1. Neutral Kitchen Apron O92021

Where better to begin our list of eco-friendly aprons for printing and embroidery than with the Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ kitchen apron (O92021). Get your brand cooking with an apron which is twill weave, 210 g/m² and ethically made from 80% organic Fairtrade cotton and 20% recycled polyester. Printing t-shirts from Neutral always makes us feel good and applying print or embroidery to their aprons is the same.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Salvage recycled bib apron

2. Salvage Recycled Bib Apron SA77

Continental Clothing are another one of the suppliers who have added aprons to their range of ethical apparel. Their Salvage Recycled bib apron with pockets (SA77) is 215g and made from 60% organically grown recycled pre-consumer cotton and 40% post-consumer recycled polyester. It just goes to show, if you have the know-how, you can bring street style to those garments which are essentially functional in nature. Plus, do it in an eco-friendly way.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Earth Positive unisex apron

3. Earth Positive Unisex Apron EP77

The Earth Positive unisex bib apron (EP77) is our second entry from the good people at Continental Clothing. This time it’s an article from their 100% organic cotton EarthPositive range of clothing and merchandise. The weave is 6.19 oz and the weight 210g. Organic cotton all the way, like all Earth Positive stuff, and it comes in two practical colours. One size and unisex styling mean that it’s versatile, as well as being environmentally acceptable.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Neutral café apron

4. Neutral Café Apron O92002

Our second Neutral example of eco-friendly aprons for printing and embroidery is the ultra practical Neutral Café apron (O92002). Once again, this apron blends organically grown cotton with recycling (80% organic Fairtrade cotton and 20% recycled polyester). The result is an item which is both designed for purpose and, at the same time, places an emphasis on the sustainable, ethical processes behind the manufacture.

Need advice about the best printing or embroidery? Get in touch with our friendly team, we’re happy to help.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Premier Fairtrade apron

5. Premier Fairtrade Apron PR112

Premier Workwear offer an impressively wide selection of aprons and it’s so good to see their range including Fairtrade options. The Premier Fairtrade apron (PR112) features a useful pocket and is constructed of 100% certified Fairtrade cotton which is suitable for screen printing, direct to garment printing and embroidery. Definitely one to consider if your business is concerned about the ethical side of things when it comes to staff uniform.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Earth Positive short apron

6. Earth Positive Short Apron EP78

The Earth Positive unisex short apron with pockets (EP78) is available in black and white. Another great apron from a fabulously green brand. Climate neutral, organic and ethical products that are made with sustainable energy. That’s not all. This merchandise is also manufactured to PETA standards which means that it’s vegan approved. If you use aprons in your business, surely eco-friendly options such as these have to be a preferable choice.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Premier Fairtrade mid length apron

7. Premier Fairtrade Mid Length PR114

The Premier Fairtrade Mid Length Apron (PR114) is 200gsm and made from 100% certified Fairtrade Cotton. Like the full length PR112, it can be decorated in a variety of ways. Screen printing, DTG printing, and embroidery are all fine with this superb piece of workwear. Any work place is going to feel better if the folk working there are wearing clothes which are manufactured in an equitable manner. Quality clothing made in a fashion that’s fairer to the people making it.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Salvage short apron

8. Salvage Recycled Short Apron SA78

A shorter version of the SA77, the Salvage recycled short apron (SA78) is crying out to be customised. A spot of quality ink or some premium stitching is going to look the business on this beauty and we’re the people to do it. Like a lot of Salvage merch, the SA78 brings together pre-consumer, organically grown cotton and post-consumer polyester to create a brand new garment from recycled materials. A perfect surface to responsibly showcase your logo.

Eco-Friendly Aprons for Printing and Embroidery - Neutral kids apron

9. Neutral Kids Apron O92011

Neutral aprons are really worth checking out. Click Here to visit our product category and view the complete range. The Neutral kids apron (O92011) is an excellent option for the youngsters out there. Protect them from all of the spills and splashes as they’re having fun and learning, and demonstrate something about sustainable clothing while they’re doing it.

That’s about it for this article. The availability of eco-friendly aprons for printing and embroidery is only going to grow. It’s fantastic that UK printing and personalisation already has this much choice.

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