Eco-Friendly Custom Tote Bags

Eco-Friendly Custom Tote Bags
2nd August 2023 5th Team

17 of the Best Eco-Friendly Tote Bags for Printing.

The plain tote bag. It has to be said, a somewhat unassuming item. That is, relatively inexpensive to purchase and inconspicuous when not in use and stashed away. For all that, they are things which are used on a daily basis and therefore highly visible. The truth is, when you think about it, tote bags are totally awesome. Especially for custom branding. So why not take the opportunity to adorn them with your logo or artwork. And if you’re going to do that, eco-friendly custom tote bags are definitely the way to go. We can offer a huge range of blank totes but we’ve concentrated on those from respected suppliers of eco-friendly merchandise.

For context, Fifth Column specialise in printing environmentally friendly tees and clothing. That’s to say, merchandise which is certified as being ethically produced and kinder to environment. For example, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fairtrade and Fair Wear. As such, we’re in a pretty good position to show you an excellent selection of sustainably sourced custom tote bags. As usual, numbered for reference rather than ranking.

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1. Neutral Organic Twill Bag

Let’s start this look at eco-friendly custom tote bags with the Neutral Organic Twill Bag (code O90003). It has plenty of attractive features. Not least that it’s made from Fairtrade 100% organic cotton and comes in a comprehensive range of colours. The heavy twill weave and long handles are also worth noting.

2. Stanley Stella RE-Tote Bag

Now, here we have another blank supplier with impeccable eco credentials. Our first example from them is their Stanley Stella RE-Tote Bag (code STAU774) . Described by the manufacturer as ‘the tote bag made of recycled fabric.’ Specifically, in-house organic cutting waste their black t-shirts. Limited edition!

3. Continental Clothing Street Tote

Again, a supplier famed for their responsible approach to blank merchandise. This Continental Clothing Street Tote Bag (code N80) is large enough to carry loads of gear in sustainable style. And the internal pockets will no doubt come in useful if you need to separate stuff inside. Made from organic cotton.

4. Neutral Grocery Bag

Our next Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ item is their Neutral Grocery Tote Bag (code O90005). We have to say, it’s a lovely example of an ethically manufactured holdall. As with most of their products, Fairtrade and crafted from organic cotton. Sure to make light work of any trip to the shops.

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5. Salvage Recycled Shopper Tote

Part of the Continental Clothing stable of eco brands, Salvage specialise in using recycled materials. Such as this Salvage Recycled Shopper Tote Bag (code SA60). Which is made from recycled pre-consumer organically grown cotton and recycled post-consumer polyester (2.5 x 1.5L bottles).

6. Stanley Stella Light Tote

Time for another Stanley Stella item in our eco-friendly custom tote bags article. The Stanley Stella Light Tote Bag (code STAU773) is exactly what you would expect from the name. That is, a light woven bag. To be specific, 160 G/M² of ring spun combed organic cotton available in 16 great colours.

7. Tiger Cotton Eco-Friendly Totes

Another Neutral item. On this occasion, the Tiger Cotton Shopping Bag (code T90014) which is part of a multi faceted sustainable initiative. In brief, encouraging conversion to organic farming methods and also supporting tiger habitats in India. Let’s help make it a roaring responsible success.

8. Salvage Sling Tote

Check out this one if you want your recycled tote bags UK supply and print. Continental’s Salvage Sling Tote Bag (code SA61) is a marvellous mix of recycled pre-consumer organically grown cotton and recycled post-consumer polyester. The latter again being 2.5 x 1.5L plastic bottles saved from landfill.

9. Stanley Stella Shopping Bag

Our third from this blank brand is the Stanley Stella Shopping Bag (code STAU762). A nice weight at 300 G/M² and long handles that feature reinforced cross stitch for strength. Plus, available in four fabulous colours which will give any range of eco friendly branded tote bags a stylish swish.

10. Neutral Contrast Handle Tote

And talking of stylish twists, how about the Neutral Contrast Handle Tote (code O90002). As you can see from the image, this is a handy size and offers something a little different with the contrasting colour handles. Again, we’re talking eco friendly tote bag printing with a fashionable edge.

11. Earth Positive Fashion Tote

Let’s give eco friendly tote bag printing UK appeal and attitude. And there’s probably nothing better for that than the Earth Positive Fashion Tote Bag (code EP75). If organic cotton isn’t enough to get excited about, there are also 19 sizzling on-trend shades upon which to print your logo.

12. Neutral Small Panama Tote

Any list of the best eco friendly custom tote bags should include something adorably cute. Well, here we go, the Neutral Panama Tote (code O90050). But don’t let the size fool you, this is a sturdy little gem of a bag that’s’ made from a heavy Panama weave. And one that’s crying out for a printed design.

13. Stanley Stella Woven Tote

Okay, this one may not be quite as small as the previous bag but it’s still got a certain something. Mind you, anything crafted with environment friendly materials has an attractive quality. And being made from recycled cotton and polyester, the Stanley Stella Tote Bag (code STAU760) undoubtedly falls into that category.

14. Earth Positive Heavy Shopper Tote

Fancy more contrast handle action in your eco-friendly custom tote bag collection? After all, as we’ve seen, being responsibly sourced doesn’t preclude fashionable flair. And this Earth Positive Heavy Shopper Tote Bag (code EP71) will definitely bring that. Especially after it has a spin round the screen printing carousel.

15. Neutral Multi Handle Tote

Sometimes, two handles simply aren’t enough. Which is not a problem if you opt to customise the Neutral Multi Handle Bag (O90030). Joking aside, multi handle bags offer more versatility in how they’re used. And along with that goes a potentially wider market if you’re retailing them.

16. No Sweat Organic Tote

Our choice of eco-friendly custom tote bags simply had to include this one. Because the No Sweat Organic Tote Bag (code NS04) is not only organic cotton but also supports the fight against sweat shop labour. Now, we think that provides a fine starting point for any custom design.

17. Earth Positive Classic Shopper

Let’s conclude our carefully curated selection with this Earth Positive Classic Shopper Tote Bag (code EP70). We’re once again in fully certified organic cotton territory, as you would expect from Earth Positive. Because Earth Positive don’t do anything but organically produced cotton. And that’s a surface which is sure to show your design or logo to its best effect.

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Well, there we are. 17 eco-friendly custom tote bags, wholesale UK available, and ready for decoration. Get in touch if you’re planning to customise clothing or merchandise. Fifth Column have been printing t-shirts in London since 1977 – nowadays we offer an extensive range of garment customisation services – and we love what we do.

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