Hot New Products for Hospitality

Hot New Products for Hospitality
8th March 2021 5th Team

Some hot new products for the hospitality sector have recently hit the shelves and we thought this would be a good moment to highlight them. There’s no doubt that hospitality has been one of the industries most seriously affected by the pandemic. It’s good to see better days on the horizon. No one is expecting things to be exactly the same. How we go about life may be different for quite a while, but it looks like it’s time to gear up for the great reopening!

The products we’ve featured are made by Premier. Based in Chester, this company is a leading British supplier of blank work wear. It’s a natural choice for those of us involved in UK printing and embroidery. Premier Workwear design and supply staff uniforms for a variety of workplaces such as hospitality, corporate, beauty and health. These new ranges include a number of organic and sustainably sourced options. As you would expect, they hold a lot of appeal for us at here at Fifth Column. There are also several items that incorporate antimicrobial technology to protect against contamination, something which has become an everyday consideration for most folk. Sad as that last fact is, these products are one of the ways that we can carry on and regain a semblance of normality.

So, take a look at some hot new products for hospitality and get ready. Fingers crossed, it won’t be too long before sizzling steaks (vegan and otherwise) are being served and pints (preferably craft ale) pulled in earnest.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR102 Organic Cotton Apron

1. PR102 Organic Cotton Apron

Hard not to love this. Lots of colours and made from 100% certified organic cotton, the PR102 apron has got ethical hospitality written all over it. That’s before you even begin to think about your own specific trademark logo or message. Designed with chef’s teams and front of house in mind. An organic cotton apron that’s durable enough o stay the course and carry your brand into brighter tomorrows.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR113 Denim Bib Apron

2. PR113 Denim Bib Apron

Denim doesn’t get old and, even if it did, this PRII3 cotton denim bib apron gives it a new lease of life. At time of writing, available in three practical shades – black, brown and indigo – the PR113 features two useful pockets and is adjustable with a neckband buckle. Better still, it’s organic cotton and Fairtrade certified and ideal for any environmentally aware service.

3. PR994 3-Layer Face Mask

Yeah, we know, face masks are a drag. The sad truth is that they’ve become part of everyday life and they’re a must for offering hospitality. The PR994 mask is cotton jersey, powered by HeiQ Viroblock. That means three layers with an optional carbon filter pocket and antimicrobial technology which protects it against contamination by microbes and germs with a biocide of Silver Chloride.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR998 HeiQ Viroblock Touch Gloves

4. PR998 HeiQ Viroblock Touch Gloves

Often overlooked when we think of protective gear, gloves are another accessory which have risen to prominence in recent months. PR998 touch gloves, powered by HeiQ Viroblock, are coated on the outside to resist contamination by bacteria, germs and microbes. Soft and comfortable, these gloves are designed to work with touchscreen technology which makes them especially attractive.

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Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR120 Recycled Bib Apron

5. PR120 Recycled Bib Apron

Recycled products are here to stay and another great way to show that your business is taking steps toward sustainability and has an ethical plan in place. These PR120 recycled bib aprons are 280gsm and made from a mix of 65% recycled polyester and 35% cotton which is organic and Fairtrade certified. A heavier weight option that features two slant pockets and is height adjustable.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR996 HeiQ Viroblock Bib Apron

6. PR996 HeiQ Viroblock Bib Apron

Based on Premier’s best selling PR150 apron, the PR996 style is another new product which is powered by HeiQ Viroblock. The latter is a Swiss engineered textile technology that helps protect the material against contamination by microbes and germs. In a world that’s become ultra aware of hygiene and safety, it’s something that has obvious appeal for both staff and customers.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR247 Men’s Chambray Shirt

7. PR247 Men’s Chambray Shirt

T-shirts are fab for a variety of working places, but sometime business demands a slightly smarter approach and a button shirt is an excellent alternative. And what better than this PR247 men’s chambray shirt which is crafted from organic, Fairtrade cotton. It has two useful chest pockets and a button at the back of the collar to hold an apron in place for that completely ready for business appearance.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR347 Women’s Chambray Shirt

8. PR347 Women’s Chambray Shirt

The ladies version of the previous item, this PR347 women’s chambray shirt has all of the qualities mentioned for the men’s shirt tailored for the female form. Both are available in grey and indigo denim and are garments that are suitable for screen printing and embroidery. Adding an embroidered logo is a popular choice in commercial environments as it’s often deemed more professional.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR995 HeiQ Viroblock Unisex Polo

9. PR995 HeiQ Viroblock Unisex Polo

Polo shirts are often chosen as part of a staff uniform because their smart casual versatility is ideal for working environments. Premier have taken this workplace standard to another level with their PR995 unisex polo. Another garment which now benefits from the HeiQ Viroblock anti-microbial treatment and, with a longer body length and five practical colours, offers something genuinely different.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR997 Unisex LS Polo

10. PR997 Unisex LS Polo

Long sleeves have grown in popularity and the PR997 unisex long sleeve polo shirt, again benefitting from HeiQ Viroblock, is a great new option in workwear. A durable and practical polyester cotton blend, this polo is going to be a real workhorse in the hospitality sector, as well as a wide range of other workplaces. As with the short sleeved version, the shirt features extra body length and a two button placket.

Hot New Products for Hospitality - PR174 Waterproof Tunic

11. PR174 Waterproof Tunic

Our look at hot new products for hospitality simply has to include a tunic, they’ve become indispensable for working environments. The PR174 tunic is based on Premier’s PR177 Tulip wrap around tunic with the advantages of being both waterproof and bleach resistant. This is an attractively styled and very practical piece of apparel that should prove just as popular as the original.

Which seems like a good place to conclude this article on hot new products for hospitality. Virtually every walk of life has changed to some degree in recent times and it’ll be good to start getting back to normal, even if it is a somewhat new normal. We can’t wait to see our friends in hospitality once again doing what they do best, offering exceptional service and putting a smile on peoples faces.

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