Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight

Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight
21st June 2023 5th Team

Neutral Blank Clothing & Accessories.

Here at Fifth Column, printing tees and customising clothes is our great passion. And it’s one we’ve been pursuing for many years now. The experience gained during those years puts us in a very good position to create superior quality custom clothing. That said, expertise aside, there is another key component in the process. And that’s having exceptional plain products to embellish. Which is one the reasons we like to periodically do a supplier spotlight. That is, taking a closer look at those companies which specialise in the area. Hence this piece putting the focus on Neutral blank merchandise.

If at all familiar with the brand, you’ll know that there is a standout feature of Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ blank merchandise. That’s right, the clue is in the name. They place enormous emphasis on the ethical and environmental aspects of their products. Put plainly, this manufacturer is one of the leaders in sustainable clothing and accessories for the B2B market. For context, Neutral are a Danish company, based in Copenhagen, which was formed in 2008. They offer a wide range of responsibly sourced product suitable for print and embroidery. So, let’s go, Neutral blank merchandise in the supplier spotlight.

T-Shirts in the Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Neutral T-Shirts

As you might expect, there is an impressive selection of Neutral t-shirts. Naturally, this includes tees for both men and women plus children. As well as some unisex styles which are always popular for custom branding due to their versatility. Fully certified Fairtrade organic cotton is the most common material used in Neutral tees. However, there are also other sustainable fabrics available such as recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester in their performance shirts.

Neutral Hoodies

Nowadays, most folk love a hooded top and as a consequence they’ve become an integral part of many custom collections. And should these garments form part of yours, Neutral hoodies may well have something to catch your eye. They’ve a very nicely balanced range of styles that includes pullover and zip styles and different weights. Plus, unisex options and others which are male, female and junior specific. Needless to say, they’re all made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Sweatshirts in the Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Neutral Sweatshirts

No look at Neutral blank merchandise would be right without sweatshirts. After all, it’s another article of clothing that’s achieved almost must-have status for bespoke printing and embroidery. And with Neutral sweatshirts we have a similar story to their hoodies. That is, they’ve done a pretty good job of covering all the bases in catering for men, women and kids. Even down to a couple of unisex zip up sweatshirt jackets. Obviously, responsible sourcing as standard.

Neutral Polo Shirts

Not every bespoke branding project needs a polo but you’d be surprised how many do and just how many we print and embroider. Work polos with a logo are a staple. With fashion, leisure and sport also being areas of demand for this deceptively adaptable piece of attire. The Neutral polo shirt range is worthy of consideration, especially when you want quality allied to certifiable social and eco-environmental standards of the highest level.

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Headwear & Bags in the Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Neutral Headwear & Bags

Where would customisation be without fabulous blank bags and fantastic base beanies, caps and hats. Whilst these plain products are peripheral in some regards, they’re still big business in their own right. Neutral bags and Neutral headwear are grouped together on our site alongside accessories such as scarves. Check them out if this type of product is on your radar because it really is a very decent offering. Notably, new lines in headwear and great variety in tote bags.

Neutral Pants

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about legwear when it comes to customising clothes. Well, our whistle stop appraisal of Neutral blank merchandise certainly isn’t guilty of such an omission. The range of Neutral pants is especially strong on sweatpants with cuffed and open leg options. Plus a cuffed sweat pant with zip pocket that obviously has practical appeal. The category also includes their recycled performance shorts and there’s a real rarity. Namely, a unisex organic jumpsuit.

Aprons & Kitchen in the Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Neutral Aprons & Kitchen

Have you been thinking about getting some custom uniform cooking in your kitchen? Or perhaps front of house needs a little branded refreshment. Well, you could do a lot worse than look at Neutral aprons. This is a very well rounded range of plain apparel which offers aprons for kitchen, chef, waiter and café. They also have kitchen cloths and a useful drawstring bag. Naturally, everything is made from certified organic and recycled materials.

Tiger Cotton in the Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Neutral Tiger Cotton

Our last two points centre on collections rather than specific types of merch. Firstly, we have Neutral Tiger Cotton tees, sweatshirts and bags. A somewhat unique idea in terms of blank products for printing and embroidery. To explain, this initiative combines sustainable and ecological objectives by promoting the conversion of existing non-organic cotton fields to organic. And in doing so helps to both maintain and restore tiger habitats in India.

Recycled Collection in the Neutral Blank Merchandise Supplier Spotlight.

Neutral Recycled Collection

Finally, for now at least, we have one of their latest launches. That is, the Neutral Recycled Cotton Collection. As you may well have guessed, this is a method of manufacture that uses recycled cotton. To be precise, excess organic cotton from Neutral’s production and polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Currently, a modest range of t-shirts and tote bags but a concept we can see catching on. And one that’s indicative of this supplier’s sense of innovation and commitment to responsible ways of doing good business.

Fifth Column can help with all screen printing and embroidery.

Fifth Column can help

Well, that’s it for our Neutral blank merchandise supplier spotlight. Give us a call if you’re planning the next range of garments for your clothing brand, event or promotion. We can supply Neutral clothing and accessories, plus plenty of expertise and enthusiasm. Fifth Column have been printing t-shirts in London since 1977. We specialise in sourcing and printing garments from GOTS-certified, Fairtrade and Fair Wear audited producers and offer a complete range of garment customisation services. And we love what we do.

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