New 2024 AS Colour Products

New 2024 AS Colour Products
31st March 2024 5th Team

The Latest Plain Products from AS Colour.

Fancy having a look at some new 2024 AS Colour products? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re all about high quality t-shirt printing and custom clothing at Fifth Column. And we know great print and embroidery is even better on great plain products. So, we like working with quality blank clothing brands. Our good friends over at AS Colour certainly qualify in that regard. It’s fair to say they have a very solid reputation for supplying plain merchandise of a high standard which is designed for decoration.

Below, we’ve picked 10 of the latest from AS Colour which should be of interest if you’ve got custom branded clothing in the pipeline. Actually, before going further, we ought to point out this is only a sample of their newest stuff. AS Colour offer a wide variety of clothes and accessories. Plus, they’re very active in their approach. That is, regularly update their ranges and add new lines. Anyway, let’s go, a selection of new 2024 AS Colour products to whet your appetite.

Staple Recycled Tee - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

1. Staple Recycled Tee

First in our snapshot of new 2024 AS Colour products we have something we love here at Fifth – a sustainable t-shirt. Specifically, the AS Colour men’s Staple recycled tee (code 5077). Which is made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester. Plus, at 200gsm, is a nice weight for screen printing, DTG print and embroidery.

Heavy Faded LS Tee - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

2. Heavy Faded LS Tee

Second, another t-shirt, this one a delightful ladies style. This AS Colour women’s heavy faded long sleeve shirt (code 4083) is crafted from heavyweight 240gsm carded cotton. And, it has to be said, the faded black, bone and grey colours are simply sumptuous. All fairly crying out for spot of quality screen print or embroidery.

3. Stencil Safety Hood

Can you get safety clothing that’s stylish? Well, yes is the answer if you want a regular fitting pullover hoodie which is heavyweight at 350gsm. This AS Colour men’s Stencil Safety Hood (code 5102F) is a high visibility safety garment. And it also has fabric with recycled content to add some ethical appeal.

Organic Stencil Hood - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

4. Organic Stencil Hood

And talking of ethical appeal, how about some GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified apparel? Okay, the AS Colour men’s organic Stencil hood (code 5102G) fits that description. Hoodies have become a staple for customisation and you can’t go far wrong when they’re sustainable quality.

Got a custom print project in mind? Get in touch, we can help.

Printers Jacket - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

5. Printers Jacket

As alluded to earlier, the catalogue of this supplier is varied and interesting as well as being highly rated. To illustrate the fact, check out their latest piece of outerwear. This AS Colour Printers Jacket (code 5513) is an on-trend relaxed fitting and constructed from cotton drill with a lovely washed finish.

Canvas Overalls - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

6. Canvas Overalls

And the next item in our look at new 2024 AS Colour products further demonstrates the diversity in the range. These AS Colour men’s canvas overalls (code 5980) are a fabulous cross-over for workwear or fashion rebranding. Heavy weight at 365gsm and designed for screen printing, embroidery.

Women’s Relax Faded Crew - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

7. Women’s Relax Faded Crew

Now, there are already some excellent female garments in the catalogue but more are coming in 2024. And this AS Colour women’s Relax faded crew neck sweatshirt (code 4165) is a welcome addition to the Relax range. Garment dyed, it’s worth noting that some variation in colour is likely.

Womens Relax Faded Hood - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

8. Women’s Relax Faded Hood

Another new ladies top, the AS Colour women’s Relax faded hood (4166) is also more than welcome. It’s that fashionable and versatile relaxed fitting again which is proving very popular with customers. Plus, the weight is perfect at 320gsm. And recycled polyester in the material a positive point.

Kids Classic Tee - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

9. Kids Classic Tee

Alright, all good so far, but do we have anything in the collection for younger age groups? Yes, the new 2024 AS Colour products definitely have something for the kids. This AS Colour Kids Classic tee (3060) is heavyweight combed cotton and available in a good selection of colours. And suitable for processes like screen printing, DTG printing and embroidery.

Long Sleeve Kids Classic Tee - New 2024 AS Colour Products.

10. Long Sleeve Kids Classic Tee.

Last but by no means least we have another garment for children. One which we think could find favour with plenty of customers who want custom branded children’s wear. The AS Colour Kids Classic long sleeve tee (code 3062) echoes the relaxed style and weight of its short sleeved counterpart. Similarly, it’s also good for screen print, direct to garment or embroidery.

New 2024 AS Colour Products.

As mentioned, the above is only a snippet of what is coming down the line from AS Colour. Beyond the few shown here, there is much more clothing. Plus accessories, bags and caps. And it’s not just brand new products, they’re also adding new colours to existing lines. Items such as their Classic Minus t-shirt (5079), Heavy Hoodie (5146) and Heavy Crew sweatshirt (5145) are good examples. AS Colour are a blank brand to keep an eye on. Because quality counts when customising merch and interesting, inventive and ethical suppliers are worth bookmarking.

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