Printed T-Shirts and Summer Promos

Printed T-Shirts and Summer Promos
8th June 2021 5th Team

Printed t-shirts and summer promos go together like strawberries and cream. Buckets and spades. Test matches and rained-off play. With warmer days just round the corner and commerce finally getting back into gear, there’s still an opportunity to give consideration to promotional efforts. Ways to boost business, increasing turnover and visibility, are probably more important than ever. It’s been a tough time for trade, so anything which might help should be given serious thought. And let’s face it, there’s not much better than a custom tee when it comes to promotional activity. Printed promo t-shirts are tried and tested, always sure to stimulate interest and generate some buzz.

Fifth Column have been printing t-shirts here in the UK since the Seventies. During that period we’ve printed millions of tees. Clearly something which makes for a high level of expertise with the screen printing art. It also provides a pretty good insight into the promo market. The reasons why people have tees printed are sometimes weird and often wonderful, but the objective is always the same for us. We want it to have a successful outcome. Summer is a joyously fun time. It’s also great for promos, especially t-shirts.

The importance of the blank garments for printed t-shirts and summer promos.


The value of great design when printing t-shirts for summer promos.


Getting the promotional aspects right with summer giveaways.


Printed T-Shirts, Summer Promos – Blanks.

The images above are t-shirts from our friends over at Stanley Stella. We like printing ethically sourced and organic cotton shirts and Stanley Stella are world leaders in sustainable t-shirts and merchandise. Clearly, you don’t need to choose organic products or this brand. However, getting the blanks right is an important part of any print run and that also applies to summer promos.

There are a number of factors to consider. The cut and fit of the t-shirt are a big deal, one that is largely dictated by your target market

  • Will a unisex garment work best or do you need specific male and female styles?
  • There’s no doubt that regular fitting is a safer bet with printed t-shirts, for summer promos or other uses, but they might not be right in your case. Fashionable slim fit or trendy oversized could be perfect if you’re aiming at a younger audience. A cropped, boxy style might work best for a promo that’s focused on women.
  • V neck shirts might be a nice alternative to standard crew necks.

Weight and material are also worth thinking about. Heavier cotton shirts are generally popular, yet something lighter could be more appropriate in your particular circumstances. Lighter weight cotton or possibly a blended fabric that’s floatier and feels more summery. It might not be the decisive factor, but the season itself has a bearing on the ideal weight.

Printed T-Shirts, Summer Promos – Design.

Whilst it might sound obvious, the design of your promo t-shirt is vitally important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Most folk will accept a freebie shirt. However, one with a cracking design is destined to be worn rather than shoved in a drawer. You may already have artwork based on your logo which will be the straightforward choice. But try to think beyond an easy answer. There’s no reason why you can’t enhance or incorporate your brand logo into something new and imaginative. If you don’t have a resident creative or graphic artist, consider enlisting the talents of a freelancer. They can be relatively inexpensive and may just add something special to the project.

Promoting your Promo.

Something which should never be forgotten is actually promoting your promo. You may already have plans in place, channels via which you can market the promo or giveaway. It still doesn’t hurt to get the news out on social media, fire off a marketing email or simply use word of mouth. Once those t-shirts are printed, you need them to be snapped up and out there promoting your business. They won’t do any good sitting on a shelf in your storeroom.

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T-shirts are tried and tested for summer promos.

Tried and Tested


T-shirts are the most long-lasting summer promo.


T-Shirts are the Best Promotions.

As we’ve mentioned, tees are a proven winner. The printed t-shirt works on several levels when it comes to promotional projects. No wonder that big and small companies alike turn to them when faced with the prospect of giving business a shot in the arm. In an era that’s seen lots of new variations on the promo giveaway, the t-shirt remains the best established option. One of the reasons is that it’s a genuinely useful item. Equally important, something that’s seen by everyone you meet. Especially in the summer when temperatures soar and sleeveless tops are an essential. Put simply, t-shirts have high public visibility. Someone may use a promo mug every day, but they don’t carry it round the streets with them. Similar with a promo biro. However often that pen is used, the only person who normally sees it closely enough to get the message is the user themselves.

Given a good design, your promo t-shirt offers value beyond the obvious. Having your company identity adoring a garment adds legitimacy to the entire brand. And the wearer is endorsing your brand, whether consciously or not, by the very act of wearing the shirt.


Cost is one of biggest attractions of promotional t-shirts . Producing printed tees is cost-effective in comparison to their impact. Even more so when you go for bigger quantities. Bulk screen printing brings down the cost per item.

Keeping the design simple will also reduce the expense of t-shirt printing. Each colour of the artwork requires a separate screen. So, using one colour not only makes for some outstandingly effective designs, it’s also a cost-cutter.

Marketing budgets are under constant pressure. More than ever in difficult economic conditions. It sometimes pays to go with the tried and tested, spice a winning formula with your own distinctive flavour.

Long Lasting.

One of the under-appreciated aspects of printed t-shirts for summer promos is longevity. A decent quality t-shirt with good artwork will stand the test of time. It’s not limited to one season, it’ll be out there promoting your company well into the future. Even most of the more ‘fashionable’ t-shirt styles don’t really go out of style. However nuanced the cut, a t-shirt is a t-shirt. Favourites get worn on a regular basis, they become go-to pieces of apparel, irrespective of the current trend.

Which is a good point on which to conclude this look at printed t-shirts and summer promos. Get it right and that tee with your brand on it will be a fabulous walking advertisement for years to come. Seen in context, printed promo t-shirts are a sensational marketing investment and excellent value for money.

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