Relabelling, Tagging, Finishing Touches for Custom Clothing.

Relabelling, Tagging, Finishing Touches for Custom Clothing.
13th September 2019 5th Team

Relabelling, tagging custom clothing can be the finishing touches. The thing that turns a very good piece of custom apparel into an absolutely stunning one. An item that people treasure and always hold close to their hearts. The garment that they want to pick off the rail, the hoody that catches their eye on the shelf, the t-shirt they get at a gig and always reminds them of a fantastic night. Lots of factors contribute to that feeling. The quality and design of the clothing. The circumstances in which you buy an item. All hugely important. But sometimes it can be the little things which make the difference and swing the decision.

The effectiveness of branding should never be underestimated. That’s what the finishing touches like relabelling, tagging and hemming are really all about. It needs to be carefully considered and consistently applied. Do it well and garment finishing could be what puts your range of custom clothing into the bigtime. Handled in the right way, good branding touches can boost both reputation and sales. Blank clothing might come plain and ready for printing or embroidery, but it often still carries the manufacturer’s labels. Making that labelling reflect your values can speak volumes and be a genuine selling point.

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Bespoke Finishing Options


Relabelling & Finishing

Custom Neck Printing

Custom Hem Labelling

A Professional Finish

Print or embroidery, the customising and branding of apparel starts with the blank garment. You can find those plain products yourself. Alternatively, the custom printing company you use can source them for you. Whatever road you take, the products may have labels.

Most good quality plain clothing used for custom print and embroidery is supplied by companies who specialise in this area. These products are often branded by the manufacturer and that labelling needs to be removed before you can relabel. It is always worth thinking about this ahead of choosing the garment you want to use, as there can sometimes be tricky to remove labels which will make this process more expensive. There are plenty of blank garment options that offer tearaway labels and are much more cost effective.

Finishing might not be an issue that has any bearing on what you do. But if it is, the options will depend on a variety of things. Your budget is one of them. Garment finishing is a specialised skill and it’s never going to be a freebie. After that, the capabilities and resources of the firm you choose to do the customisation are crucial. You need folk who have the experience and knowledge to do it properly. Professional relabelling requires people who know what they’re doing. That’s before you decide what you want to do.

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Relabelling & Finishing Options

Where do you start? There’s a lot more to it than simply adding a neck label or hem tag. Relabelling, tagging custom clothing, the whole garment finishing area, has a number of different stages and options. In many ways, the relabelling and tagging are further down the track, so it’s important to get an overall picture before you get there.

New brand labels can be added once the originals are removed. Where and how will vary, dependant on the garment, the customisation involved and your specific requirements. The relabelling process starts with removing the manufacturer’s label. Either cut that out and sew your label over the stitching or unpick the seam and replace the original label with a new one. Unbranded wash care labels and size labels can also then be added.

It might well be that custom print in the neck area provides the sort of bespoke tagging feel you want. An increasingly common approach, it might be a great answer for your particular customisation project and it can help keep the costs down into the bargain.

Hem Labels

Some people find hem labels an attractive option. These can be positioned in various areas, depending on the type of apparel. Sewn to the bottom hem, the sleeve hem or even the edge of a cuff or the hood are all popular.

Beyond that, packaging and extras are another worthwhile thought. Bagging may be unnecessary for your promotion or event and you may prefer to avoid it if possible. However, when your situation necessitates packing and wrapping, we can offer poly-bagging or an eco-friendly tissue paper that helps keep products clean and crisp and ready for retail. Alternatively, supply your own packaging and we can use that to pack your items.

Stickers and swing tickets should also be in the mix when thinking about the final, finishing touches. As well as giving a polished and professional feel to your product range, they can also be very useful ways of conveying more information about your brand or concept. Essential info such as sizes and barcodes, or perhaps additional details about the product itself or your company ethos.

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