Swing Tag Guide for Custom Clothing

Swing Tags for Custom Clothing.

In our experience, you’ll want to add value once your t-shirt printing designs are proving to be a success. And there are a variety of ways to do that. Even high quality screen printed t-shirts can be enhanced with small touches which add weight to your branding. Those deceptively modest custom swing tags are things which do exactly that. Adding them is one of the many garment finishing services on offer at Fifth Column. Below, we’ll examine them in more detail with our swing tag guide for custom clothing.

What is a Swing Tag and What’s the Appeal?

Yes, you know what they are. That label (or labels) attached to most of the clothing you peruse in shops or purchase from online retailers. More often than not, they’re made from card or paper and they can be printed with all sorts of information. Here in the UK we tend to refer to them as swings tags or hanging tags but they’re commonly called hang tags in America. As already alluded, the humble swing tag has appeal for custom clothing because it brings the feel of retail quality to merchandise. Beyond this, swing tags also have marketing value insofar as they can be used to add more information about your brand or the product itself.

Adding value with custom swing tags.

Custom swing tags can add value to products

A swing tag provides information for customers.

And also provide the customer with information

Swing Tag Template.

It’s easy to see that swing tags come in many sizes and shapes. Just think about those tags you see hanging off products. There are an absolute array of them. As a consequence, a swing tag template can also have multiple forms. And certain templates may suit a particular type of information. Which brings us to what’s actually going to be on them.

What to Include on Custom Swing Tags.

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to what information you want to have on your product tags. And, naturally, it’s a decision which is determined by your individual circumstances and type of business or intended use of the merchandise. In essence, the reason you’ve customised t-shirts or clothing in the first place will be directly relevant to their design. Of course, swing tags may be deemed unnecessary with some projects. For example, with clothes that are printed or embroidered for workwear. But, in other instances something like a custom swing tag will be considered an important addition to the overall project. Possible features on your custom swing tag template could include any of the following:

  • Brand logo and/or name.
  • Product information.
  • A brief company profile.
  • Your website address.
  • A QR (quick response) code.
  • Care instructions.

There is plenty more besides. Basically, anything you think is important or useful for your venture. And can be concisely conveyed in a limited space. With that in mind, and as you may have noticed, it’s not unusual to see more than one on a product.

Swings Tags for Custom T-Shirts.

Let’s say you’re printing t-shirts for resale, promotional purposes or a charity. Adding swing tags offers you the opportunity to provide more info about your company, the specifics of the promo or your charitable cause. In effect, they’re one more way of reaching people and spreading your message.

Custom Tags and Branding Values.

Much along the same lines as above, your swing tag template is a great chance to explain more about what’s important to your brand. Or the things that make it different to others. Especially in terms of the principles and philosophy that underpins it. For instance, do you believe in using sustainable materials in your apparel and ethical methods of manufacture? Stating that the garment is Fair Wear or Fairtrade or made from high quality organic cotton is both something to shout about and good business. And emphasising such points is usually beneficial.

A swing tag template for custom t-shirts.

A swing tag works with most t-shirts and clothing

Plus a variety of custom merch like tote bags

Attaching Swing Tags to Clothing.

In general, the type of product being printed or embroidered dictates the best place to attach your custom hang tags. So, the common location will be at the collar for an item like a t-shirt. There are more options where the garment has buttons or some sort of closure. For instance, the tag can be tied around a button with a polo, jacket or shirt. And we mustn’t forget that swings tags are just as often used on merchandise other than clothes. Their very simplicity makes them extremely versatile. How about the tote bag, a rebranding favourite? Just tying the swing tag on the bag handle is a perfectly serviceable way of securing it.

As shown in the images, swing tags are often fixed onto a product using a piece of string or twine. This is easily looped through the drill hole in the tag and a label that’s sewn into product. Or, as with bags, tied to a handle. Swing tags can also be attached using a kimble gun and plastic kimble hook. However, it’s worth noting that care needs to be taken when using this method. The needle of the kimble tagger is by necessity sharp which can easily damage the fabric of the clothing.

Prices and Quantities with Swing Tags.

The cost of adding swing tags will vary depending on the particular requirements of each project. Something which is true with many aspects of custom print and embroidery. After all, no two print runs or embroidery jobs are the same. So, the number of tags ordered and their design can affect the price. And whilst the actual price of tags may be a few pence each there is also a charge for attachment. It’s often preferable for you to provide your own tags. Even in this instance, we may be able to offer advice or suggest a reputable swing tag supplier.

All being well, this article gives you a better idea about how swing tags fit into the bigger picture when branding merchandise. You may feel that they don’t work with your concept. And that’s perfectly understandable. But, many customers choose to use them for very good reasons. Not least that they’re an established element in high quality clothing and merch. A little extra which, when done well, is a subtle yet essential aid in increasing sales and raising awareness. Perhaps only fully appreciated when not there.

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