Spotlight on Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts

Spotlight on Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts
10th April 2022 5th Team

The evenings are getting lighter and summer months will soon be here. Of course, the warmer weather means a welcome switch of wardrobe for most of us. It’ll be a relief to leave those heavy coats on their hangers and chunkier sweatshirts folded on the shelf. Pulling on a lightweight tee or short-sleeved polo is an oddly liberating experience. And there’s nothing quite like getting some air to your legs. So, what better time to put a spotlight on sustainably sourced and organic cotton shorts. We’ve picked out 9 pairs of shorts that are well worth checking out if eco-friendly is one of the attributes which features high on your priority list. And whilst these shorts are perfectly fine plain and undecorated, they are all designed with customisation in mind.

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Stanley Stella Trainer Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

1. Stanley Stella Trainer Shorts

We’ll start our quick look at sustainably sourced and organic cotton shorts with a garment from a highly respected producer of organic merchandise. And when we say respected, we mean exactly that. Stanley Stella are one of the world’s most sustainable brands. It’s fair to say that Stanley Stella Trainer Shorts (product code STBU578) tick all the ethical boxes. They are made from an organic cotton and recycled polyester blend and have the adaptable appeal of being a unisex styling. The comprehensive size range goes from XXS to 3XL and they’re available in eleven colours. The latter include some lovely on-trend shades.

Craghoppers Expert Kiwi Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

2. Craghoppers Expert Kiwi Shorts

Warmer weather offers a great opportunity for getting out there and you can do so in a sustainably stylish way with these Craghoppers Expert Kiwi shorts. The first point to note is that they’re constructed from 100% recycled materials. Roughly 18 plastic bottles have been reused to create these shorts which we think is an excellent alternative to dumping them. Eco-friendly aspect aside, Expert Kiwi shorts (Craghoppers code CEJ009) have that wonderful outdoorsy vibe. We’re talking super practical. They feature an insect bite-proof finish and are also water repellent. Plus, nine (yes, nine) pockets, five of which are zipped.

Stella Ryder Fitted Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

3. Stella Ryder Fitted Shorts

Our second entry from Stanley Stella and we’re going completely organic cotton with this pair. Stella Ryder shorts (product code STBW586) are a fabulous option if a more fitted style floats your eco-conscious boat. We can imagine lots of uses for Ryder shorts, anything from lounging round and relaxing, following a fitness kick, or even certain working environments. These organic cotton shorts have a number of nice touches. For example, a 2 x 2 waistband, a self-fabric half moon at the back, and four very attractive colours.

Skinnifit Fashion Sweat Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

4. Skinnifit Fashion Sweat Shorts

Here we have some feel good fashion for the responsible generation. Skinnifit sweat shorts (product code SF432) are a brushed back fleece manufactured from a mixture of recycled plastic and regenerated cotton. So, we’re all good on the sustainable sourcing front and there are plenty of on-trend attributes beyond that. These unisex shorts have a versatile elasticated waist with round drawcord, curved side pockets, back patch pocket, and tonal top stitch detail. Plus, they’re brand free which streamlines custom branding.

Build Your Brand Swim Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

5. Build Your Brand Swim Shorts

Streetwear for printers and embroiderers is the strapline for this supplier and we’re all in favour of that. Why can’t the swimming shorts you wear to the pool party have a little street chic?. Build Your Brand swim shorts (product code BY153) are made with recycled polyester fibres and include all of the features you would expect from a garment designed for specific function. These include an elasticated waist, mesh pockets and lining, and small slits on the legs.

AS Colour Plain Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

6. AS Colour Plain Shorts

To our way of thinking, the phrase ‘sustainably sourced’ stretches beyond the materials used and includes ethical operation. AS Colour definitely qualify in that regard. They are a blank clothing supplier who place great emphasis on quality combined with responsible sourcing and ethical methods of production. We’ve shown their Plain shorts (product code 5902) above which are mid-weight and slim to regular fitting.

AS Colour Beach Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

7. AS Colour Beach Shorts

We couldn’t do a piece on shorts and not have something for the beach. So, we’ve included AS Colour Beach shorts (product code 5903) for those moments when bucket and spade action looks likely. These are a lightweight cotton, have an elasticated waist band, and mesh lined back pockets that echo a kind of swim short vibe. They’re also available in a delightful selection of colours such as Pistachio, Pale Pink, Mauve and Carolina Blue.

Stella Cuts Shorts - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

8. Stella Cuts Shorts

Women’s jogger shorts are always a popular item and having an organic cotton alternative can only be good. The Stella Cuts short (product code STBW130) has been around for a while now and proved their practical value. The design has a number of quality features. For instance, lightly sueded fabric wash, round drawcords with metal tips, and single jersey inside the waist and pockets. The colour card is limited but more than adequate.

Stanley Stella Trainer Ombre - Sustainably Sourced and Organic Cotton Shorts.

9. Stanley Stella Trainer Ombre

Our last pair of shorts could be considered a slight cheat due to the fact that it’s basically a variation on the first. However, we think it’s a forgivable bending of the rules because these Stanley Stella Trainer Ombre shorts (product code STBU100) are simply too delicious to ignore. The specification is similar to the core Trainer short but the multi-coloured ombre shading effect is an outrageously good twist. Unisex and crafted from organic cotton, these will be a summer sensation with a little bespoke branding.

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