Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection
13th September 2020 5th Team

We’re always excited when our friends over at Stanley Stella unveil a new seasonal range and this autumn hasn’t been any disappointment. The Stanley Stella AW 2020 collection is a knock out and already proving to be incredibly popular with customers. There are 8 new styles and a host of sensational new shades. Looking at this stuff, you can’t argue when Stanley Stella say that they’re taking colour to another level. And when you consider their entire catalogue, it’s also no surprise that they’ve become one of the foremost blank garment suppliers in UK printing. We’ve put together some of our highlights from the new Autumn Winter offering. Have a browse through and see what you think. The feedback that we’ve received so far has been a massive thumbs up.

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Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Fuser t-shirt

Fuser T-Shirt

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Blaster t-shirt

Blaster T-Shirt

Getter T-Shirt

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Fringer t-shirt

Fringer T-Shirt

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Strider sweatshirt

Strider Sweatshirt

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Dedicator LS polo shirt

Dedicator LS Polo

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Firer sweatshirt

Firer Sweatshirt

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - AOP gym bag

AOP Gym Bag

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection New Styles.

The new styles in the Stanley Stella AW 2020 collection add even more depth to what’s already an impressively extensive selection of wholesale clothing and merchandise.


The Fuser t-shirt is a relaxed unisex tee which should have broad appeal with people who prefer their fit on the looser side. Another unisex shirt, the Blaster, takes laid back one step further. We think you can put money on this being an oversized, high-necked winner. The Stella Fringer t-shirt is one that will score big with women who adore boxy cuts and we were overjoyed to see the appearance of a hoodie tee. Our prediction is that the Stanley Stella Getter is going to get a lot of attention from folk wanting to print hooded t-shirts!

Sweatshirts and Long Sleeve.

So, there are four new t-shirts that have success written all over them. That’s great news, but we’re not done yet. The additions in AW 2020 extend beyond new t-shirts. The Strider sweatshirt is an especially eye-catching design. This high neck, on trend top is a great example of fashion which is made to work with printing and embroidery. We were also delighted to see that we now have a long sleeved Dedicator polo shirt! The Dedicator is a superb polo and a long sleeved version makes a lot of sense for both the fashion and workwear markets. And if you like that, you’re going to love the Firer tie and dye sweatshirt. This feels like a stand-out, signature piece of apparel and an item which will happily sit in any bespoke branded range of clothing. Last but by no means least of the new styles in the Stanley Stella AW 2020 collection is the all over print gym bag. This is a really nice take on the humble gym bag and a good demonstration of how to make something that’s essentially functional into a desirable object. One which will carry your branding in style.

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - garment dyed

Garment Dyed

Tie and Dye

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - natural raw

Natural Raw

Patterns and Fabrics.

This season sees Stanley Stella introduce some fabulous patterns and fabrics. There are gorgeous new fades with their garment dyed and aged technique. We think the simple beauty of Natural Raw is going to be a real winner. There is no dying with natural raw, just a glorification of cotton. They’ve also made an innovative reappraisal of an old favourite. Tie and dye is reinvented for the custom printing community and the result is genuinely remarkable. Something special, it’s literally unique in that each garment is hand dyed after stitching to create clothes which are always individual in nature. This is tie and dye that’s done with an eye to customisation. Like their AOP (all over print) gym bag, it’s pattern with purpose. Adding interest and at the same time allowing room for rebranding and resale.

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - Caramel


Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - rose clay

Rose Clay

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - mauve


Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - mauve rose clay

Mauve Rose Clay

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - carmine red

Carmine Red

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - ochre


Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - sage


Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection - wooden heather

Wooden Heather

Stanley Stella AW 2020 Collection Colours.

Colour is a hugely important part of this new collection and warmth is a prominent feature of it. Autumnal tones and earthy references such as Caramel and Rose Clay. Mauve and Carmine Red that whisper of cosy eveings and wonderful sunsets. Subtle sages and simmering ochres, redolent of country walks and falling leaves as the seasons turn. These are intermingled with vibrant swathes of complimentary contrasts with their fantastic tie and dye combinations. In short, it’s a rich and beautiful palette of colours, the perfect on trend background for any printed logo or design. There are more colours, but we can’t show them all. Click HERE to browse the full Stanley Stella range in detail. As mentioned, these are merely some of our highlights.

It would be remiss of us to finish without touching on the eco-friendly credentials of these products. Organic cotton is the norm, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) accredited. Oeko-Tex Standard and vegan approved, into the bargain. Stanley Stella are listed amongst the most sutainable brands in the world. They’re the only B2B bulk clothing supplier which appears on the list. That in itself tells you something. Apart from anything else, treating ethical garment printing as a serious subject can be a profitable way of doing business. Here at Fifth Column, it’s how we like to do things and we believe in time it’s going to become standard operating procedure for everyone.

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