Stanley Stella – Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight

Stanley Stella – Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight
4th December 2019 5th Team

Creating first class custom clothing obviously needs people who know what they’re doing, professionals with the requisite skill and experience, but it also needs great base garments. The blank clothing and merchandise used in any printing and embroidery project is a really important part of getting excellent results. It can make all the difference in transforming a clever concept into a successful venture and turning a good design into a desirable product. Here at Fifth Column we’ve been printing t-shirts for a long time now and work with some fantastic blank clothing suppliers. Our aim is to provide outstanding printed and embroidered clothes and merchandise, sounds simple but involves a lot of different things. We place a high value on top quality suppliers and wanted to spotlight some of them. As we’re official dealers, where better to start than with our friends over at Stanley Stella and their blank clothing.

Stanley Stella - Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight - T Shirts

Stanley Stella T-Shirts

It’s hard not to be impressed with Stanley Stella t-shirts. To say the selection is extensive is putting it mildly. Stanley Stella offer an enormous choice of tees, all manufactured from organic cotton and ethically produced fabrics. They cater for men, women and kids specifically and also offer a unisex range. Long and short sleeved, a wealth of different fits. Plus a wide range of colours, the Creator t-shirt alone has over sixty variations. You get the idea.

Stanley Stella - Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight - hoodies

Stanley Stella Hoodies

You have to love the hooded top. An ultimately practical piece of clothing that works in any setting. With the added bonus, from our perspective, that they’re perfect for print and embroidery. Stanley Stella hoodies are easy to love. A myriad of styles, zip-up and pullover, and colour ranges that span the spectrum. High quality clothing, sustainably sourced, that feels and looks good even before we get our ink-familiar hands on it and create your branding.

Stanley Stella - Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight - polo shirts

Stanley Stella Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is a custom clothing staple. A favourite of both corporate giants and small companies. That slightly sporty feel, speak to any sports academy and they’ll tell you that their kit includes a bespoke branded polo, but smart enough for more formal environments. Stanley Stella polo shirts don’t disappoint. Organic cotton, some gorgeous pique finishes, with a diversity of fittings that mean you can get the right garment for your market or workforce.

Stanley Stella Sweatshirts

Not everyone wants a hood, but most folk can find room in their wardrobe for a sweatshirt. A versatile garment which has become a basic component of many personalised clothing ranges. Stanley Stella sweatshirts say it in style. Their sweatshirts find a real sweet spot, of the moment and yet retaining the traditional aspects which have elevated a simple garment to essential status. Needless to say, they’re a dream for print and embroidery.

Need help finding the best garments for your brand? Get in touch with our friendly team for some expert advice.

Stanley Stella - Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight - bags

Stanley Stella Bags & Accessories

Ignore bags and accessories at your peril. Thriving businesses are built on the back of basic items which have been imbued with an extraordinary element. The right blank product and exceptional design can be a magical combination. Stanley Stella bags are a superb example of the right blank product. Ethically sound tote bags, beanie hats and pencil cases are everyday things which can become special when adorned with creative inspiration.

Stanley Stella - Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight - pants

Stanley Stella Pants

Sharp looking tops are all well and good, but everybody needs a complete outfit. Performance bottoms are big news. You can kick back and relax in them if you don’t feel like performing. In terms of branding, joggers and shorts can be made into items that are treasured as much as any t-shirt. They offer new and different possibilities, another angle to explore for any organisation or brand. Stanley Stella pants hit the mark for quality and fit.

Stanley Stella - Blank Clothing Supplier Spotlight - dresses

Stanley Stella Dresses

Superior quality blank dresses, made with printing and embroidery in mind, are not that common. Stanley Stella dresses address a yawning gap in the market. A limited range of on trend, yet somehow timeless, sweatshirt dresses which work wherever you are. It’s easy to see the versatility. Worn over leggings in colder climes or as a standalone garment during sunnier days.

The sort of innovative thinking that typifies Stanley Stella.

Fifth Column can help

Planning the next range of garments for your clothing brand, event or promotion and need help? We can supply Stanley Stella blank clothing, plenty of expertise and more besides. Fifth Column have been printing t-shirts in London since 1977. We specialise in sourcing and printing garments from GOTS-certified, Fairtrade and Fair Wear audited producers and offer a complete range of garment customisation Services. We love what we do.

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