Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body

Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body
4th March 2024 5th Team

Stanley Stella designed for everybody.

As you may be aware, Stanley Stella recently launched their new Spring Summer 2024 collection. And it was a major update. In their words ‘our biggest shake-up yet’. One of the main themes was greater diversity in their plain clothing styles. That’s to say, ranges that would have appeal across the spectrum irrespective of age, gender and body shape. Something which makes a good deal of sense to us. As a high quality UK printing and embroidery company, we want to be able to provide customised apparel to satisfy any requirement. Clearly, the clothes we decorate play a big part in that. So, Stanley Stella’s latest emphasis on wider variety strikes a chord. We thought we’d take a look at their women’s styles for every body.

Below, we’ve picked out some of their female apparel to give you an idea of what’s on offer. By the way, you can also browse the full range of Stanley Stella blank merchandise on our site.

Muser t-shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.


Serena t-shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.


Isla t-shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.


Tees – women’s styles for every body.

Comfort and fit are the focus with Stanley Stella women’s styles for every body. Naturally, allied to quality. All of which can be seen in their newly launched women’s t-shirts. So, let’s take a quick run through them.

Stella Muser (code STTW172).

Beginning with a new iconic women’s tee. Namely, the Stella Muser which is medium fit and a good weight at 180 G/M². Needless to say, made from organic cotton. Plus, it has a fabric washed finish and comes in a lovely selection of shades.

Stella Serena (code STTW173).

This t-shirt is scoop neck and mid to lightweight at 155 G/M². The fit is medium which is in-keeping with the inclusive approach. Beyond that, Serena is again made from organic cotton and fabric washed.

Stella Isla (code STTW176).

With the new Isla t-shirt we have an iconic V-neck. Which, it’s fair to say, is an enduring style. And also demonstrates that widening choice is also about having different designs as well as the actual fit of the garment.

Ella t-shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.


Nova t-shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.


Collider t-shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.


More women’s t-shirts.

Immediately above, we have two more new ladies shirts and an existing style that further illustrates the inclusive approach.

Stella Ella (code STTW174).

A fitted styling is an absolute must if having women’s t-shirts for every body is your aim. So, good to see the Stella Ella which ticks that box. At 180 G/M², it’s also an ideal weight for customisation. Plus, has a colour card that will be attractive for customers.

Stella Nova (code STTW175).

Next, there’s the boxy Nova. A new shirt that fits the bill for those who want a more relaxed feel to their custom printed tees. Sizes range from XS to XXL and that should accommodate most customer needs.

Stella Collider (code STTW089).

Another popular feature, the Dolman sleeve is perfect for an oversized garment. And that’s exactly what we have with the Collider. In addition, the rolled sleeves are a nice touch. At time of writing, there are 7 colour options including the rather sumptuous ‘butter’ shown here.

Dazzler sweatshirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.

Dazzler sweatshirt

Elliser polo shirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.

Elliser polo

Wilder sweatshirt - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.

Wilder sweatshirt

Polos & sweatshirts – women’s styles for every body.

Stanley Stella’s push toward women’s styles for every body isn’t limited to tees. Ladies sweatshirts and polo shirts are also in the mix. And it makes for a pretty comprehensive selection when viewed alongside the unisex options in these categories.

Dazzler sweatshirt (code STSW125).

This is a attractive ladies sweatshirt. And one that should find plenty of fans with its relaxed fitting and raglan sleeve. As with all Stanley Stella products, it’s sustainably sourced being crafted from 85% organic cotton 15% recycled polyester.

Elliser polo (code STPW333).

Now, Stanley Stella have a superb unisex polo in their collection called the Prepster. However, they’ve currently retained the Elliser shirt because of its unique female styling. And it’s definitely worth consideration if that’s an important factor in your thinking.

Wilder sweatshirt (code STSW872).

Here we have another sweatshirt but it’s oversized and perhaps has a more on-trend feel than many. Notably, the side split and longer length at the back bring a sense of higher fashion than standard styles. And once again, it illustrates the depth in the collection.

Discoverer jackets - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.

Discoverer jackets

Paiger dress

Voyager jackets - Stanley Stella Women’s Styles for Every Body.

Voyager jackets

Jackets & dresses – women’s styles for every body.

Stanley Stella have other female specific garments as well as t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies when it comes to women’s styles for every body. Particularly with regard to jackets and dresses.

Stella Discoverer jackets (code STJW159).

A softshell fabric and hood are great attributes when you want a jacket to customise. The Discoverer provides those and more besides. For example, it’s water repellent and breathable. Combined with a versatile medium fit.

Paiger dress (code STDW162).

No range of ladies plain apparel would be complete without a dress. Stanley Stella actually have several although we’ve only shown the one above. That said, the Stella Paiger is a beauty with its polo shirt collar and pique material.

Stella Voyager jackets (code STJW839).

Similar to dresses, there are other pieces of customisable outerwear in the range. We’ve pictured the women’s Voyager which is a fully quilted padded jacket that’s already proven to be very popular with customers.

Women’s styles for every body.

Well, there we go, a whistle stop look at Stanley Stella female apparel. We ought to point out that this is far from the full collection. You can browse the latter here: Stanley Stella Women’s Clothing. In conclusion, there’s no question that recent launches have strengthened Stanley Stella’s offering in this area. What they’ve achieved is nicely balanced. Certainly, high quality. But also catering for a wide variety of people and requirements.

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