Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022

Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022
4th September 2022 5th Team

Recently, we published a piece previewing the latest products from Stanley Stella Autumn Winter 2022. At the time, we mentioned it felt very much like this seasonal launch might come in waves. Instalments of goodies, if you like, as the air turns chillier and we edge closer to Christmas. Well, the guys haven’t let us down, there’s a new batch of exciting blank merchandise from our sustainable stars. That’s to say, Stanley Stella outerwear 2022 is now hanging on the rails. And, it looks good to us here at Fifth Column. We think there’s plenty to be pleased about in this collection if you’re after some on-trend outer garments to carry your logo or artwork. Especially, if you’ve a spot of premium embroidery in mind. We’ve had some excellent results in that regard. So, read on and get the lowdown on Stanley Stella outerwear 2022.

River overshirt - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

1. River Overshirt

Okay, first up we have the Stanley Stella River overshirt (product code STJU845). These type of garments are such a great idea for autumn months. Also, those jobs where you move in and out of the cold and need another layer but not a full-blown jacket. The River shirt comes in four solid colours and a wide size range.

River Check Overshirt - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

2. River Check Overshirt

If it’s good, it deserves a variation. Well, that’s what we think anyway. Clearly, Stanley Stella are of the same opinion. The Stanley Stella River Check (product code STJU950) is a fabulous version of the previous item. No doubt, one which will prove popular. By the way, this unisex stunner is manufactured from 100% recycled polyester.

3. Snugger Hoodie

As far as names go, this one is inspired. The Stanley Stella Snugger hoodie (code STSU884) absolutely radiates warmth and comfort for those winter snaps. Again, being made from recycled polyester, this unisex top is a sustainable choice. Plus, it has an inside (invisible) zip at the bottom hem for easy decoration.

Outsider Zip-Up - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

4. Outsider Zip-Up

Next, and staying with the warm and snuggly feel of Stanley Stella outerwear 2022, we have more soft and fluffy goodness. The Stanley Stella Outsider Sherpa zip-through top (code STJU883) is a lovely meeting of fashion and practical. We can see this having multiple applications, everything from workwear to resale.

Outsider AOP Zip-Thru - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

5. Outsider AOP Zip-Thru

We have to say, a spot of camouflage rarely goes amiss. With that in mind, check out the Stanley Stella Outsider AOP zipped top (code STJU949). This all over print take on the last garment is a nice alternative if camo floats your boat. That aside, it’s also worth noting the functional zip pockets and respectable 350 G/M² weight.

Puffer Jacket - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

6. Puffer Jacket

Right, time to really get into the jackets on our quick run through Stanley Stella outerwear 2022. And, where better to see next than that this Stanley Stella Puffer jacket (code STJU840). Fair to say, it’s an oversized gem. Once again, manufactured from eco-friendly recycled polyester. Plus, fluorine-free DWR finish.

Puffer AOP Jacket - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

7. Puffer AOP Jacket

Following the theme of variation, we have another instance. This Stanley Stella Puffer AOP jacket (code STJU945) sees that ever fashionable camo all over print applied to the puffer. As with the plain colour, it’s got eco appeal and is a versatile unisex style. Plus, size range is wide, stretching from XXS to 3XL.

Speeder Tweed Jacket - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

8. Speeder Tweed Jacket

Now, do you fancy an item which takes a classic pattern and gives it a cool contemporary twist? Good, you should like this. Take a look at the Stanley Stella Speeder Tweed jacket (code STJU888). These over the head jackets hit a sweet spot. That is, they’re the essence of functionality yet highly fashionable.

Padded Parker - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

9. Padded Parker

After all these years, there’s still something timeless about a parka. And, the new Stanley Stella Padded Parker (code STJU841) captures that ageless quality. It’s made of plain weave recycled polyester and features fluorine-free DWR finish. Incidentally, there are three solid colours and we love the British Khaki shown above.

Padded Parker AOP - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

10. Padded Parker AOP

Guess what? Yes, you got it, there’s also an all over print version. The Stanley Stella Padded Parker AOP (code STJU946). And, it has all of the attractive features of the plain one. For instance, welt pockets and half elasticated cuffs. Also, diamond quilting on the inside lining and a double layered hood with adjustable stopper.

Padded Parker Tweed - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

11. Padded Parker Tweed

Sometimes, two versions of a garment simply aren’t enough. Yes, a third is a definitely a decent idea in certain circumstances. Hence, the Stanley Stella Padded Parker Tweed (code STJU947) which is a pretty mouth-watering coat. The classic connotations of tweed get a decidedly street cool treatment with this one.

Stella Climber Wool-Like - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

12. Stella Climber Wool-Like

Now, it’s time to get a little sleeveless action into our look at Stanley Stella outerwear 2022. After all, you have to love a bodywarmer. First, we have this Stella Climber Wool-Like body warmer (code STJW899). As the name suggest, this piece of clothing is all about texture. It has to be said, a nice use of recycled polyester.

Stanley Climber Wool-Like - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

13. Stanley Climber Wool-Like

As you might expect, there is also a matching male piece of outerwear. Namely, the Stanley Climber Wool-Like bodywarmer (code STJM898). We can see both of these garments, the men’s and women’s, going down well in a host of different situations. Certainly, working environments but also in a lot of leisure settings.

Stella Voyager Wool-Like - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

14. Stella Voyager Wool-Like

Okay, let’s round off our wonderful whistle-stop tour of 2022 outerwear with two more padded jackets which are similar to the bodywamers. In essence, the Stella Voyager Wool-Like padded jacket (code STJW897) should appeal to you if you like the Climber but prefer sleeves. Oh, forgot to mention, sizes are XS to XXL.

Stanley Voyager Wool-Like - Stanley Stella Outerwear 2022.

15. Stanley Voyager Wool-Like

Last on the list, we’ve got the Stanley Voyager Wool-Like jacket (code STJM889). The style is a male echo of the women’s Voyager. So, we’ve shown a close up to give a better idea of the ‘wool-like’ surface. You’ve got to admit, it has a certain classy feel that’s crying out for a spot of high quality customisation.

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Well, that’s about it, Stanley Stella outerwear 2022. Check out the individual products for specific details on each. And, get in touch, if you’re planning the next range of garments for your company, brand, event or promotion. Fifth Column have years of experience and, as is evident from the above, access to the best blank merchandise.

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