Stanley Stella Super Heavy

Stanley Stella Super Heavy
13th November 2023 5th Team

Super Heavy Apparel Ready for Print & Embroidery

Well, there are no two ways about it, things are definitely getting chillier. Winter may not officially start for a few weeks yet but you can already feel it in the air. Just step outside for a sneak preview of what to expect for months to come. With that mind, we thought it might be an opportune moment to check out the Stanley Stella Super Heavy collection. As the name suggest, this is sustainable apparel which is extra warm and snuggly. And better still, it’s purpose made for a spot of high quality print and embroidery.

With this range, we’re talking about stuff that has a comforting weight to it. Plus, a relaxed streetwear feel which is going to look good with your logo or bespoke design. Whatever the embellishment, whether it be superior standard screen printing or exceptional embroidery, it can carry your artwork in style. So, let’s see what is currently available in Stanley Stella Super Heavy.

1. Freestyler T-Shirt

Now, t-shirts may not be your first thought for winter weight blank clothing made for print. But, the truth is that tees are a year round customisable staple. And the Stanley Stella Freestyler (code STTU788) is a heavyweight unisex gem of a shirt. It’s 240 G/M² and made from 100% open end organic cotton. Beyond that, the relaxed fit and slightly rougher fabric characteristic put it bang on trend. Oh, and it comes in lots of super shades.

2. Shifts Dry Long Sleeve Tee

Long sleeves are a somewhat more seasonal take on the t-shirt. But you still want a bit of extra heft when the weather turns cool. And that’s precisely what you get with the Stanley Stella Shifts Dry (code STTM558). By which we mean it’s a very decent 200 G/M². Again, a unisex styling which gives it maximum flexibility for customisation. Similar with the cuffed sleeve which is the most popular design when it comes to print and embroidery.

3. Ledger Dry Sweatshirt

Okay, time to start ramping up the weight in our look at Stanley Stella Super Heavy. And how better than with this Stanley Stella Ledger Dry sweatshirt (code STSU798). It’s a rather impressive 400 G/M². By the way, there is chunkier to come if that’s not heavy enough for you. With this particular unisex crew neck you get a delightful boxy cut and a great size range. That’s to say, XXS to 3XL. Plus, plenty of attractive colours. We love the Desert Dust shown above.

4. Miller Dry 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

It’s fair to say that sweatshirts are one of the most commonly customised garments in the world of print and embroidery. And the quarter zip sweat is a nice variation when you want a slight twist on this established favourite. Well, here we go then. The Stanley Stella Miller Dry (code STSU795) is an excellent heavyweight example of the type. In design terms, it’s got that boxy vibe of the previous shirt. And the same weight and extensive selection of sizes.

5. Radder Heavy Sweatshirt

Stanley Stella Super Heavy really gets into its stride with this one. In other words, heavy genuinely does mean heavy with the Radder sweatshirt (STSU866). Let the temperatures drop because 500 G/M² is about as cosy as you’re going to get with a sweatshirt. Once again, we have that broad unisex appeal and a wide size range that will accommodate most customer needs. And a relaxed fit which hits the current fashion mark.

6. Cooper Dry Hoodie

Next, let’s throw some hooded tops into the heavy weight mix. Specifically, the Stanley Stella Cooper Dry hoodie (STSU797). Here at Fifth Column we love getting our inky gloves on a high quality hooded sweatshirt. Which is exactly what you have in this instance. The weight is that 400 G/M² and the oversized fitting is sure to find favour with the fashion conscious. Another point to note is the fabulous colour card (currently fifteen shades).

7. Slammer Heavy Hoodie

Right, let’s go up a notch with hoodie weight. The Stanley Stella Slammer Heavy (code STSU867) hits the same sensational 500 G/M² of the Radder sweatshirt. Come on, that has to be a good shout if you want your logo or design seen out and about in the snow. As with most Stanley Stella products, the fabric is eco-friendly and ethically sourced. On this occasion, 100% organic cotton. Think fully certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

8. Locker Zip Hoodie

What’s that? You want a heavy weight hoodie with a full zip. Something that’s built for chilly days and designed for personalisation. Look no further, the Stanley Stella Locker zip-through hooded sweatshirt (product code STSU953) ticks all those boxes and more. For example, unisex and excellent size range. Plus made from environmentally kind organic cotton (500 G/M² of it). And with a wealth of quality features such as double layered hood.

9. Jammer Dry Joggers

This collection isn’t limited to tops and we’ll finish off with some sweatpants and shorts. Firstly, there are these Jammer Dry joggers (STBU157) which are French Terry, dry hand feel and unisex. Features also include elasticated waist and cuffs, At 400 G/M², they certainly qualify as chunkier than your average blank jog pants. All things considered, they strike us as an interesting option if customised joggers are part of your print and embroidery plans.

10. Boarder Dry Shorts

Much like t-shirts, these days, shorts aren’t just for summer. But it’s also good to have a warmer alternative. Boarder Dry jog shorts (STBU944) fill that gap rather nicely. They’re another 400 G/M² organic cotton stunner. So there you go, a selection of plain products which are fairly crying out for some winter print and embroidery. All in all, Stanley Stella Super Heavy offers plenty of possibilities for cool weather customisation.

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