T-Shirt Printing – the Heavyweights

T-Shirt Printing – the Heavyweights
5th September 2021 5th Team

We recently took a look at some lightweight t-shirts that are great for printing and personalisation. It got a positive reception and also prompted several requests for info on other weights of shirt. So, we decided it was time for a partner piece. T-shirt printing – the heavyweights. This is our 2021 pick of some of the best heavyweight t-shirts for customisation. The chunkier tees, those substantial shirts which love a bit of printer’s ink and get a big thumb’s up from customers.

Heavyweight t-shirts are an all year round thing, but they come into their own as the leaves start to fall and temperatures slide down the scale. Autumn is approaching and winter won’t be long. No surprise that folk naturally opt for a heavier t-shirt. It feels like the best option, something which offers greater protection against the cold. The flimsy and floaty things have plenty of appeal when the sun is beating down. However, hit September and heavy is your direction of travel when it comes to t-shirts.

For context, heavyweight t-shirts are usually classed as roughly 6oz or more (that’s around the 180 to 200gsm mark). The mid-weight shirts come in at 5 to 6oz, (approximately 160/170gsm). Lightweights tend to be less than 5oz or 150gsm.

Okay, ding-ding, seconds out. Let’s get to grips with the best heavyweights. As usual, these shirts are numbered for reference, rather than ranking.

Earth Positive heavy t-shirt EP18, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

1. Earth Positive Heavy T-Shirt EP18

Let’s kick off our article on t-shirt printing, the heavyweights with a tee from the good folk over at Continental Clothing. The Earth Positive men’s / unisex heavy jersey t-shirt squeezes in at 5.6oz / 190g. An eco-friendly option which is made from combed organic cotton and is available in an excellent range of colours. A t-shirt that’s crafted with customisation in mind.

Click Here to view the EP18 product page.

Stanley Sparker t-shirt STTM559, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

2. Stanley Sparker T-Shirt STTM559

This is described by Stanley Stella as the men’s heavy t-shirt and weighs in at 220gm. The Stanley Sparker tee has become an established favourite and definitely belongs on our t-shirt printing heavyweights menu. It won’t come as any surprise that the Sparker is also made from organic cotton, given Stanley Stella’s impeccable sustainability credentials.

Click Here to see the Stanley Sparker t-shirt.

Continental Oversized t-shirt COR19, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

3. Continental Oversized T-Shirt COR19

Another superb unisex option, the COR19 Continental Clothing oversized heavy jersey t-shirt is crying out to be screen printed. A genuinely on-trend style and one that’s once again made from organic cotton. There are seven colours in this shirt and they include some fabulously fashionable shades such as white mist, denim blue, slate green and purple rose.

Click Here browse more images of the COR19 tee.

Stanley Shifts Dry t-shirt STTM558, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

4. Stanley Shifts Dry T-Shirt STTM558

Time for our first long-sleeved heavyweight. The Stanley Shifts Dry tee is known as the men’s dry handfeeling long sleeve t-shirt – basically it feels dry to the hand as opposed to slick or slippery. This one deserves serious consideration if your project needs sleeves to bring the design to life. And being made from organic cotton gives it environmentally friendly appeal.

Click Here to view details for the Shifts Dry shirt.

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Bella + Canvas heavyweight t-shirt 3091, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

5. Bella Canvas Heavyweight T-Shirt 3091

An updated unisex style, the Bella and Canvas heavyweight t-shirt is retail fit and constructed from Airlume combed and ringspun cotton. This crew neck shirt is only available in a basic colour range but it still warrants attention. Bella and Canvas are US based and their reputation for quality and cut is gaining lots of followers over here in the UK wholesale t-shirt printing market.

Click Here to visit our Bella + Canvas 3091 page.

6. AS Colour Classic Pocket T-Shirt 5027

Pocket t-shirts always offer something a little different and they’re an interesting choice for decoration. Luckily, we have one with some chunk for our t-shirt printing heavyweights list. The AS Colour classic pocket tee weighs in at an impressive 220g / 6.4oz and features an attractive relaxed fit. Reliable quality and solid styles make AS Colour another popular blank brand.

Click Here for details on the AS Colour 5027.

Earth Positive long sleeve t-shirt EP18L, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

7. Earth Positive LS T-Shirt EP18L

Our second long sleeve heavyweight winner sees another appearance from Continental Clothing’s highly regarded Earth Positive range. Their men’s / unisex heavy jersey long sleeve tee is 5.69oz / 190g of gorgeously sustainable organic quality. There are limited colours in this t-shirt, only black and white, but it’s still perfect for some professional print.

Click Here for more on the EP18L.

8. AS Colour Classic Stripe T-Shirt 5044

Time for a slight twist. Heavyweights don’t have to be plain and we’ve got the AS Colour classic stripe t-shirt to prove the fact. This 5044 tee is a very respectable 200g and the kind of quality that has become synonymous with AS Colour blank merchandise. It could be just the job if your artwork demands some heavyweight stripes for the background.

Click Here to see more on the AS Colour 5044 t-shirt.

Neutral interlock t-shirt O61030, an example of t-shirt printing heavyweights.

9. Neutral Interlock T-Shirt O61030

An absolutely ethical pick, the Neutral® Certified Responsibility™ interlock t-shirt is manufactured from 100% organic Fairtrade cotton. And the interlock knit comes in at a hefty 220 g/m into the bargain. Neutral have a lot of respect for their responsible approach to sourcing. One worth considering, especially with the slightly fitted cut of the shoulders and a size range which goes up to 3XL.

Click Here to visit the Neutral O61030 page.

Stanley Stella Blaster Tee STTU815

10. Stanley Stella Blaster Tee STTU815

Last but by no means least we have another heavyweight knockout from our friends over at Stanley Stella. Their Blaster tee is an adorable unisex shirt that features an oversized fit and high neck. Very much on-trend and very much sustainably sourced. It comes in four delightful colours – ever dependable black, natural raw, India ink grey and mauve. All just waiting to be screen printed with your design.

Click Here to see more pics of the Blaster.

And that’s a good place to conclude our t-shirt printing heavyweights piece. These are 10 of the best heavyweight t-shirts currently on the market but there are lots more out there. Here at Fifth Column we have agreements with numerous suppliers of blank t-shirts and other base merchandise. All of which is specially designed to be decorated. In effect, we have access to literally thousands of products. And we can help you choose something which will work with your concept and be appropriate for your design. Plus, we specialise in printing products from GOTS-certified, Fairtrade and Fair Wear audited producers.

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