Waterproof and Designed for Dual Branding

Waterproof and Designed for Dual Branding
10th January 2022 5th Team

With the weather turning distinctly wintry, we thought an article on outer garments which are waterproof and designed for dual branding would be just the ticket. The truth is, these type of items have an all year round appeal here in the UK. In other words, our exquisitely temperate climate usually blesses us with rain by the bucketful. In fact, it sometimes feels like you could count the number of dry days on the digits of one hand. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, two hands and maybe a foot.

Precise precipitation levels aside, there’s no doubt regarding the need for waterproof jackets in Britain. Which in turn represents an excellent opportunity for rebranding. After all, it makes sense to print or embroider your logo on items that are an absolute necessity because you don’t have to create demand. The demand is already there. And dual branding? Well, we’ll talk more about that after looking at some example merchandise. Suffice to say that dual branding offers benefits for your brand which don’t exist when branding entirely blank goods.

Waterproof and designed for dual branding: Berghaus Deluge Waterproof Jacket.

1. Berghaus Deluge Waterproof Jacket

We’ll start our examples for waterproof and designed for dual branding with a brilliant bit of kit from Berghaus. The latter have a well-deserved reputation when it comes to outdoor gear and their Deluge waterproof jacket gives you a good idea why. Put simply, a combination of waterproof qualities and insulation make the Deluge jacket an extremely attractive option. This garment features Berghaus Hydroshell® and Hydroloft® technologies to keep you dry and warm on the bleakest of days.

Waterproof and designed for dual branding: Berghaus RG Alpha Waterproof Jacket.

2. Berghaus RG Alpha Waterproof Jacket

Our second entry from Berghaus, the RG Alpha waterproof jacket, is another outdoor coat that’s going to stand you in good stead when the weather gets all drizzle interspersed with downpour. Completely waterproof, the design is simple and clean. However, the RG Alpha does have some important performance features incorporated into that simplicity. For instance, the adjustable hood, hem and cuff add extra protection and the hood can be easily rolled away when not needed.

Waterproof and designed for dual branding: North Face Sangro Waterproof Jacket.

3. North Face Sangro Waterproof Jacket

The North Face is another outdoor brand that boasts an impressive reputation. They also have a outstanding commitment to sustainability in the production of the their products. Their women’s Sangro jacket offers an impenetrable moisture barrier which guarantees dryness and is breathable into the bargain. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and has taped seams, shock cord stowable hood, and Velcro® cuffs. All in all, it’s an ideal jacket for hiking and outdoor pursuits.

4. North Face Evolve Waterproof Jacket

Take a look at the North Face Evolve Triclimate jacket if the Sangro doesn’t totally float your boat but you still want to stick with North Face. This women’s garment includes North Face DryVent™ tech and plenty more besides. Notably, it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable. Beyond that, it’s also designed to be Triclimate compatible so you can pair it with other items in that range to achieve completely coordinated layering.

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Waterproof and designed for dual branding: Men’s Columbia Pouring Waterproof Jacket.

5. Men’s Columbia Pouring Waterproof Jacket

Our article on waterproof and designed for dual branding just has to include some stuff from the good folk at Columbia. After all, they have a rich history and have been creating innovative outer wear since 1938. And we simply couldn’t resist a piece of apparel called Pouring! The clue is in the name. Let it rain is the phrase if you choose to dual brand the Columbia Pouring jacket. This garment features Columbia’s Omni-tech™ waterproof material and can be packed into a pocket.

6. Women’s Columbia Tipsoo Lake Waterproof Jacket

Our second shout from Columbia is their delightfully named Tipsoo Lake 3 in 1 interchange jacket. By the way, Tipsoo is an alpine lake within the Northern Cascade Range near the summit of Chinook Pass in Pierce County, Washington. Style name inspiration aside, this beauty features Omni-Tech™ waterproof technical spec and an Omni-Heat™ thermal reflective liner. Plus, it’s is breathable and fully seam sealed. One key point, this garment tends to run on the small side with fitting.

Waterproof and designed for dual branding: Women’s Arc'teryx SV Jacket.

7. Women’s Arc’teryx SV Jacket

Inspired by the Canadian environment, Arc’teryx (sometimes written as Arcteryx) is another brand with a genuinely sustainable approach to their work. By which we mean they aim to make exceptional products in tandem with a considered impact on people and planet. Their women’s Beta SV jacket is built for the worst weather. As illustration, it uses Gore-Tex waterproof, windproof and breathable textiles. The other watchwords here are durable and very hard wearing.

Waterproof and designed for dual branding: Men’s Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket.

8. Men’s Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket

Another sensational style from the same manufacturer, the Arc’teryx men’s Beta AR jacket is a lightweight wonder. Gore-Tex Pro fabrics once again offer waterproof, windproof and breathable protection from the elements. On balance, this is the type of highly versatile shell jacket that’s bound to become a go-to garment for a host of different activities. To put it another way, all round mountain apparel that’s also going to be good for the school run and supermarket shop.

Waterproof and designed for dual branding: Men’s Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket.

9. Men’s Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

The last two jackets in this post on waterproof and designed for dual branding come from Patagonia. These guys create great gear and have been involved in grassroots groups trying to find solutions to the environmental crisis for over 40 years. And the Patagonia Torrentshell jacket has become an iconic piece of waterproof wear. No big surprise, the unpretentious styling combined with outstanding waterproof practicality make it an easy choice.

10. Women’s Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

As with many of these garments, Patagonia also produce the women’s version of their superb Torrentshell jacket. It has the same down-to-earth styling and proven performance qualities. Specifically, 3-layer H2No™ tech which provides comfortable, long lasting waterproof assurance when the heavens open and the rain pours down. What’s more, this garment is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn and utilises recycled materials in its construction.

Waterproof and Designed for Dual Branding.

Before concluding, we ought to mention that the above jackets, whilst being fabulous in themselves, are only examples. Here at Fifth Column we have access to a massive selection of merchandise and can normally help you find the perfect product for your project.

That said, we only touched on the dual branding element at the beginning of this piece on waterproof and designed for dual branding. So let’s close with more on that aspect. Berghaus, North Face, Columbia, Arc’teryx and Patagonia are premium brands in outdoor performance clothing. As alluded to in the previous paragraph, we could easily have shown others. For example, RAB, Helly Hansen, Montane, Mammut and many more. There is a reason for this emphasis on brands which are classed as superior in their respective fields.

Ethically sound, high quality and high standing in the market are all key factors when it comes to dual branding. You achieve a unique effect by customising such premium marks with your logo. That is, you align your brand with something that’s recognised as being worthy of trust and respect. As a consequence, you shine a light on your own standards and ethos. It’s not a cheap answer, that’s actually an integral part of the package, but it can be a game-changer. And it’s a concept that can work in lots of different areas such as corporate gifts, high-end promotional merchandise and even corporate clothing. Much as we adore customising blank merchandise, dual branding is a specialised area that we’ve come to also love in recent years. And it’s one that our clients report as being a particularly effective tool in the building and enhancement of their business profile.

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