10 T-Shirt Printing Winners

10 T-Shirt Printing Winners
27th September 2021 5th Team

One of the reasons that bespoke printed tees are so popular is that the t-shirt is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Nowadays t-shirts are classed as acceptable attire in the majority of situations. They’re seen in most walks of life. Whether it be kicking back and relaxing, or out on the town having a good time. Working up a sweat in the gym, or working to a deadline in the office, the tee is there. And it’s a phenomenon that spans the spectrum in terms of age, from toddlers taking their first steps to doting grandparents. This piece, our 10 t-shirt printing winners, takes a look at some of those areas where custom tees can be a game changer. If you’re involved in any of the below it’s worth thinking about printing t-shirts. When MPs have worn slogan t-shirts in the House of Commons, albeit ticked off by the Speaker for doing so, you know an idea has got legs.

So here we go, 10 t-shirt printing winners. Areas and activities where a printed tee can make a big impact. As usual, the numbers are there for reference rather than ranking.

T-shirt printing for bands and the music biz.

1. T-shirt printing for bands and the music biz.

Our 10 t-shirt printing winners article has to begin with bands. Notably, it’s where we started and it’s still our strength. Screen printing t-shirts for bands and musicians is a proven winner. And you don’t need to be selling out the O2 for it to make sense. Indie bands and small outfits up and down the land add a little extra to the gig receipts when they shift some merchandise at the venue. These days, some may even be selling from their online fan store. A while back we wrote an article specifically about printing t-shirts for groups and the music biz. Click Here if you want to read that. It’s informative and might give you some ideas.

2. T-shirt printing for artists and designers.

Artists and designers, creatives of every description, find a fabulous outlet for their talent with the humble t-shirt. And it’s one which can also be very lucrative. No surprise when you think about it. The nature of branded tees is fundamentally visual, they’re a perfect vehicle for any sort of design. The appeal stretches beyond the obvious fields of artistic endeavour such as painting, drawing and graphic design. Take our good friend Rob Borbas (aka Grindesign). He’s a world famous tattoo artist and his designs translate beautifully to t-shirts. Read our piece tattoos and t-shirts, brilliant ink with Rob Borbas. We think you’ll see what we mean.

T-shirt printing for work and workwear.

3. T-shirt printing for work and workwear.

Nowadays, the term ‘workwear’ covers a vast array of garments and a huge number of occupations. There is no doubt that the t-shirt is included. And that’s because printed t-shirts work really well in so many workplaces. They’ve become a staff uniform staple. Inexpensive to produce, comfortable to wear, and easy to launder. From building sites to fashion retail, company logos look good on rebranded t-shirts. Furthermore, the barriers are breaking down. Office environments have changed, the formality is fast falling away. Walk into an office these days and you’re more likely to see workers in company branded tees than shirt and tie.

4. T-shirt printing for retail and resale.

Retail and resale have become massive areas when it comes to printing t-shirts. There are plenty of variations in approach, but the basic concept is firmly embedded in business thinking. Taking a good quality blank garment and adorning it with eye-catching artwork, an amusing slogan, or recognisable brand logo is a definite winner. It can generate sales outside of your core activity and deliver a healthy return on investment. Our friends over at Beavertown Brewery are a great example. Their outrageously good craft beers are complimented by a sensational range of branded fashion. Check out our piece custom clothing and beer, brewery best-sellers.

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T-shirt printing for fundraising and charity.

5. T-shirt printing for fundraising and charity.

Good causes are all well and good, but they usually need hard cold cash to make a meaningful difference. That’s where screen printing t-shirts comes in. It’s acknowledged as an established and reliable method of generating revenue for charities. There are many ways to raise funds. For example, sponsorship and events can be incredibly successful. However, printing t-shirts works on more than one level. The profits from selling the actual shirts obviously go into the charity’s coffers but it doesn’t stop there. The shirt continues to contribute long after that initial sale. It’s out there, a walking advertisement for your cause.

6. T-shirt printing for conferences and conventions.

Conferences and conventions are amongst those events where custom tees have become a virtually essential ingredient in the mix. If you’re the person in charge of organising such a thing, printing t-shirts should definitely be on your agenda. How they’re utilised will depend on your circumstances. Direct selling is certainly an option. However, they may have greater impact as a promotional giveaway or part of a takeaway gift pack. As mentioned, it’s a decision which is dictated by the character of your audience. Whatever the latter, there’s no doubt that gatherings of this nature lend themselves to creating customised t-shirts.

T-shirt printing for sport and activities.

7. T-shirt printing for sport and activities.

As a nation, our participation in sport and leisure activities is growing all the time. Indeed, it’s encouraged by government and health authorities. And why not? Sport can be a lot of fun and being active is not only good for you in a physical sense, it’s mentally stimulating. It’s also an area that cries out for custom t-shirts. Fitness clubs and physical trainers want to promote their brand and there’s no better way than printing t-shirts with your logo. The local football club needs its playing kit printed for the match on Saturday, but it also needs training gear and stuff which reinforces team identity. The same with rugby, cricket, squash and all the rest.

T-shirt printing for parties and events.

8. T-shirt printing for parties and events.

Parties and events have been thin on the ground during the pandemic. Nonetheless, as life returns to normal, they’ll be back stronger than ever. Folk have acquired a new respect for celebrating with their friends. Letting your hair down in the company of others takes on more meaning when you’ve been deprived of the option for months. Festivals, pop concerts, special events at the local night club or pub. All happily accommodate the idea of printing promo tees. Seeing a t-shirt cannon in action is a sight that stays with you. The memory lasts longer when the t-shirt in question is custom printed with bespoke artwork for that specific event.

T-shirt printing for clubs and societies.

9. T-shirt printing for clubs and societies.

The size and value of this market shouldn’t be underestimated. Although the actual concept of clubs and societies has many historical connotations, it’s an area that has blossomed in the modern era. A genuinely broad sector that encompasses a vast range of interests and activities. It’s worth taking a moment and really considering the depth of diversity here. We’re talking about quiz lovers to riding enthusiasts. Ramblers, walking clubs and those who like to spend time outdoors. Or folk who gather to discuss literature. They do have some things in common. One of which is pride in their interest and group. Printed t-shirts are a great way of expressing that..

10. T-shirt printing for the educational sector.

Our 10 t-shirt printing winners has to include the educational sector. It may be last on this list, but it’s far from least. This is an absolutely enormous marketplace. There is space for printed t-shirts at every level of the educational world. Early years, junior and senior, secondary academies and colleges. Plus higher education, universities and institutions. All understand the need to create a sense of belonging. Both to the specific establishment and the teams and competitive groups within it. From Key Stage 1 to higher education, printing t-shirts with a badge or emblem helps in forming that sense of shared identity and values.

There we go, 10 winners for t-shirt printing. As can be seen, a considered pick, ten examples of where professionally printed t-shirts can bring something extra to your endeavours. To be sure, there are no doubt more sectors and many variations within those that we’ve headlined here. But the main point to take away is that printing t-shirts can generate a longterm return on your investment. Done right, they transcend the basic clothing requirement and become something special – valued possessions, infused with emotion and nostalgia.

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